On Cloud 5 Shoe Review

The On Cloud was one of On Running’s first ever shoes, and the one that really put them on the map. First launched in 2014, it originally hit the market as the world's lightest fully cushioned running shoe, but now it’s best known as the brand’s go-to lifestyle shoe, created for everyday use, casual outings, travelling… and even a little cross-training in the gym. It’s seen everywhere, from the feet of celebrities to commuters dashing across the city.

On cloud 5

Over the last eight years, On has constantly evolved the iconic On Cloud, making it more comfortable, more durable, and more technical. The recently launched On Cloud 5 is the fifth generation of the shoe. But how different is it to the predecessor, the On Cloud 2.0?

What’s new in the Cloud 5?

On the surface, the biggest change can be seen in the weight (a little heavier), and the drop (a little higher). But since this is a shoe now designed for everyday wear more than running, a little extra weight isn’t a problem. The change in heel-to-toe-drop comes from the increased midsole cushioning, so unless you’re into super minimalist shoes, this should only enhance your comfort.


On Cloud 5

On Cloud 2.0


7.2 oz (W) 8.8 oz (M)

6.4 oz (W), 8.1 oz (M)




Designed for

Easy runs, casual wear, lifestyle

Easy runs, casual wear, lifestyle


Speed lacing

Speed lacing

On cloud 5

One of the biggest changes in the new Cloud 5 is in the sole - it’s actually very similar to that of the Cloud X, a brilliant cross-training shoe, perfect for HIIT training. The central channel has been widened and the inner part of the cloud elements angled away from the channel, creating a smoother ride and helping to reduce the chance of any small stones or sticks getting caught in the clouds. The size of the grip pads has also been increased, allowing for better grip and control in wet conditions.

Another change can be seen in the patented On Speedboard®, which has been extended for extra support in both the heel and sole - think soft landings and explosive take-offs.

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One of the best things about the On Cloud is the ease of slipping it on and off. In the redesign of this shoe, On was keen to enhance this. The fifth edition still uses the speed lacing technology (although the ends have been dipped and covered to prevent the possibility of frays) but has been upgraded with a sockliner, made from dual-density materials. Almost totally seamfree, the sockliner quickly adapts to the wearer's foot shape, helping to keep it snug and supported. You could wear this shoe without socks - if you wanted to.

While the shoe looks very similar to the previous model, the slight tweaks to the materials and details make all the difference. The upper body is now a single, smooth layer, providing greater support and a cleaner look overall; the lace loops have been strengthened; and reflective logos have been added for enhanced safety in the dark. The entire shoe is pretty breathable too, which is important if you’re on your feet all day. Looking for a wet-weather option? Check out the bestselling On Cloud 5 Waterproof. Full review here.

On cloud 5

Are On Clouds good workout shoes?

On has a lot of shoes, in different shapes, styles and colours. If you really wanted to workout in this shoe or even run a 5k in it, you could. But ultimately, it’s more of lifestyle shoe. It’s made for being on your feet all day, for going from meetings to out with friends. It’s versatile and incredibly comfortable but maybe not one you’d want to pound the pavements in day after day. If your colleague asks you to join them on a spontaneous lunch run, you could get away with it - although the speed lacing may not give you the support you’re used to (note the box does include normal laces as well).

How do On Cloud shoes fit?

As with several On shoes, we recommend sizing up at least ½ a size, and for most customers a full size up. This hasn’t really changed from the 2.0 to the 5. This Swiss brand just tends to come up a little on the small side. The Cloud is also relatively narrow, especially in the toe box, so isn't the best On shoe for wider feet (the Cloudflyer and Cloudstratus are better).

How sustainable are On Cloud shoes?

On sets out a clear set of sustainable future goals and ethical values, and is now on a big push to reduce its Scope 3 emissions by 55% from 2019 to 2030. Each new shoe launch is more sustainable, and the new On Cloud 5 is evidence of this, made from 44% recycled materials, designed to help us leave a ‘conscious footprint’, wherever we go.

Sustainability has always been at the core of On Running. Born in the Swiss Alps, the founders have a special appreciation for the natural world. A place where we play and explore; a place we call home. As a global company, On is motivated to make a difference and each shoe is an example of this. From the 10% vegan Cloudaway made from 90% recycled content to the new Cyclon running shoe, coming summer 2022, On is showing clear signs of progress.

Pros & Cons of the Cloud 5



Lightweight and comfortable

Not made for running long distances

Easy to slip on and off

Speed lacing may not suit everyone’s foot shape

Snug and supportive

Those with wider feet may struggle


Available in lots of colours

Sleek and aesthetically designed


Reasonably priced: £129

The Takeaway

The Cloud 5 is my go-to lifestyle shoe. The one I slip on when I’m running to the shops or going for an afternoon stroll. And the first shoe I grab when I know I’m going to be on my feet all day, rushing from meeting to meeting. It looks great, is super comfortable, and if I’m running late and need to break into a run, it’ll support me on that too.

On is a brand that hasn’t stopped growing since it began in 2010. It listens to its customers, is always improving, and each iteration of the On Cloud is an example of this…

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