Sports Bras: Compression vs Encapsulation?

Choosing new activewear is exciting. Let’s be honest; finding cute and comfortable workout clothes is a fun part of getting fit, especially when there’s an abundance of fashion-forward and sustainable brands.

It’s easy to choose style over fit, and we’ve all been guilty of this before. However, fit and comfort should be at the top of your list when sports bra shopping. Yes, you might look great - but if your breasts aren’t comfortable, you won’t want to work out!compression sports bra vs encapsulation sports bra

When choosing sports bras, you have two main options when it comes to high impact - the encapsulation sports bra and the compression sports bra. Unsure what these terms mean? Don’t worry! In this article, we’re investigating both types of sports bras to help you find the best encapsulation sports bra or compressive sports bra for your body.

Ready to improve your comfort during workouts? Keep reading to learn more.


A compression sports bra is here to hold your breasts still. As you might guess from the name, this bra compresses your breasts close to your body for less movement while working out.What is a compression sports bra?

Compressive sports bras are usually recommended for women with smaller to medium busts. This is because most compression designs don’t provide cup support, which can be uncomfortable for larger bust sizes. However, compression sports bras can be a good option for larger busts during low-impact workouts - such as yoga.

Additionally, many women complain that compressive sports bras leave them with a ‘uniboob’ look. While this won’t bother all ladies, it’s worth noting while shopping. Trying sports bras on before purchasing them is recommended.


An encapsulated sports bra is designed with separate cups, like typical underwear bras. It’s also common for these structured sports bras to come with adjustable bands, straps, and underwire details.What is an encapsulation sports bra?

Unlike compression bras, encapsulation sports bras provide extra support and are favoured by those with full busts. These sports bras are better suited to high impact workouts, running, dancing, or any activities which require more movement. A well-structured sports bra protects your breasts without squeezing them to your body.

So, if you’re looking for a high impact sports bra that looks great and provides a comfortable fit, a high impact encapsulation sports bra might be the option for you.


Is it time for you to invest in a compression sports bra? Whether you require smaller bust support or a low-impact option, these are the best options available right now.

1. Nike Dri-FIT Swoosh Sports BraNike Dri-FIT Swoosh Sports Bra Compression

The Nike Dri-FIT Swoosh Sports Bra is a popular compression sports bra with a minimalist style. These days activewear comes in all shapes and sizes, but this sports bra focuses on a simple aesthetic and sleek details.

Available in white and black, this sports bra provides a tight compression fit, a racerback style, and removable pads. Plus, this bra is designed with Nike’s signature Dri-FIT technology.

2. Lilybod Astrid-2X Bralilybod compression bra

Looking for a compression sports bra UK with a stylish edge? The Lilybod Astrid-2X Bra is here to provide compression comfort and sophisticated style.

This compression sports bra is created with sculpting fabric, but it’s not restrictive! The Lilybod material offers a four-way stretch, an elasticated under bust, and removable cups. This design is available in sizes A to DD.

3. YMO Spark Cross Strap Braymo compression spark bra

Racerback designs are popular for compression sports bras. But are there any alternative designs? Introducing the YMO Spark Cross Strap Bra. This modern compressive sports bra is designed with support and fashion in mind.

Unlike standard compressive bras, this option combines delicate strap details and mid-support. Available in three colour options, this bra is here to add some style to your workout wardrobe. Also, YMO puts sustainability first with 70% recycled materials. Good for you and the planet!

4. Girlfriend Collective Dylan BraGirlfriend Collective Dylan compression sports bra

Don’t scroll any further if you’re looking for a full-coverage compression sports bra. The Girlfriend Collective Dylan Bra provides more coverage than your typical sports bra, giving a top-like appearance.

Alongside more coverage, this compressive sports bra offers a built-in support band, four-way stretch, and it’s finished with a double-lined technique for your comfort. The Dylan Bra is available in six colours, including pops of pastel and minimal shades.


Quit Googling ‘sports bra high impact’. We’ve curated a selection of the best encapsulation sports bras for support and intense workouts. See our top picks below!

1. Under Armour Infinity High Sports BraUnder Armour Encapsulation Sports Bra

Improve your workouts with the Under Armour Infinity High Sports Bra. This high impact sports bra provides fitted cups and moulded padding to ensure your check is comfortable and supported.

Mesh panels and branded straps are incorporated into the bra design for a unique look. This popular encapsulated sports bra also provides sweat-wicking thanks to HeatGear fabric. If you want to stay cool while getting sweaty, this bra is here to help.

2. Nike Dri-FIT Alpha BraNike Encapsulation Sports Bra

Nike’s Dri-FIT technology always impresses, but the Nike Dri-FIT Alpha Bra goes above and beyond. This encapsulated sports bra puts support first, ensuring you have extra comfort while working out.

Unlike low support options, this innovative sports bra uses foam moulded cups to compress and support your breasts. The bra also offers adjustable straps and a back clasp for extra assistance.

3. Goodmove Freedom To Move High Impact Sports BraGoodmove Encapsulation Sports Bra

Looking for an encapsulation sports bra with extra style? Meet the Freedom To Move High Impact Sports Bra. This sports bra combines delicate fabric designs with innovative support for an expert workout bra.

This sports bra comes with padded cups, high support, a hook-and-eye fastening, and moisture-wicking fabric. Just note that this isn’t a wired sports bra!

4. On Running Performance BraOn Running Encapsulation Sports Bra

If you’re frustrated with low-impact sports bras ruining your running, meet the On Running Performance Bra. Engineered for success and minimal movement, this encapsulation sports bra is for serious workouts.

This bra provides an alternative full coverage look with a high neckline and subtle back cutouts. Wearers also benefit from light padding and sweat-wicking fabrics, perfect for sleek style and comfortable performance.


Which sports bra takes your fancy? Are you on team compression sports bra? Or, do you prefer the support of an encapsulation sports bra? Choosing the right fit for you is essential. Never sacrifice your comfort again with these on-trend yet structured sports bra options.The Best Sports Bras

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