Nike Zenvy & Universa Leggings Review

Words by Talia Hopkinson

To introduce the Nike Zenvy and Universa leggings, we first have to introduce the Nike Wellness Collective.

This is a movement set by the popular brand, Nike which is their commitment to progress, evolution and change.

It's no secret that Nike excels when it comes to activewear. However, Nike is well known for its allegiance with popular athletes such as Olympic swimmer, Simone Manuel and professional tennis player, Serena Williams. While we love that Nike supports women in sport, it can leave the everyday woman feeling left out of the community.

Nike Leggings

However, Nike is working to change that.

This movement is taking insights from women to create not only clothing but a community that prioritises wellness, not fitness. Nike is creating a community where people should feel connected, celebrated and included no matter their body shape or fitness level.

Within this holistic movement, they are introducing all kinds of new activewear ranges but it has left people wondering if they are worth the hype or is it all talk?

That is why we have taken a deep dive into the movement and the popular Nike leggings for women, the Zenvy and Universa leggings. Keep scrolling to find out our verdict.

Nike Zenvy Leggings

What are the Nike Zenvy Leggings?

The Nike Zenvy leggings are gentle support leggings that are redefining what comfort means.

We’re saying goodbye to structured and stiff materials and saying hello to flexibility.

However, don’t let the lightweight feel put you off as these leggings are just as durable as those with a thicker material.

These leggings are designed to include the women who don’t love the stereotypical, intense gym workouts. These are actually a part of Nike’s popular yoga activewear line.

However, aside from yoga, they’re also great for women who love pilates or even simple walks in nature to move their bodies in a gentle way.

Nike has also used their Dri-FIT technology to ensure that you will remain cool even in the hottest of hot yoga sessions.

You can also choose from a myriad of gorgeous colours. From a chic midnight navy to a gorgeous violet, these leggings have it all.

Oh, we also can't forget that they have a drop-in back pocket which is discrete and convenient. After all, we all know how much pockets are appreciated.

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What are the Nike Universa Leggings?

A beloved member of the Nike Training category are the Universa leggings.

These are the type of Nike gym leggings that every gym girly dreams of having. Firstly, the leggings are made from a smooth durable material. You know that type of material that seamlessly contours to your body and just feels premium? Yes, that.

The material ensures that you can remain comfortable while knowing that these leggings are built to last.

They, of course, feature Nike’s expert Dri-Fit technology that is totally squatproof.

They’re also engineered with an extra wide waistband that tucks you in in all the right places. Plus, when accompanied with a side discrete pocket, they really couldn’t get much better.

As a part of the Nike Wellness Collective, these leggings help you create that work-life balance that we all seem to be searching for. The effortless design means you can transition from your 6 AM workout class, to work, to run your errands and all the way back home again.

What we are really trying to say is that with the cloud-like softness and compression, you might never want to take these leggings off.

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Nike Universa Leggings

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How do Nike Leggings Fit?

When it comes to picking your size, we’re glad to say that, for the most part, these leggings are true to size.

Nike leggings use the Standard UK sizing which looks like this:

  • XS - 6/8
  • S - 8/10
  • M - 12/14
  • L - 16/18
  • XL - 20/22

All you have to do is pick your favourite design, your favourite colour, your size and checkout.

Are the Nike Leggings Worth it?

Style. Support. Performance. These leggings exceeded our expectations.

Look, something we can say is that these leggings are long lasting. They work with your body, not against it, even after you’ve washed them time and time again.

Now, the leggings are created with two different types of women in mind.

The Nike Zenvy leggings are created for those who love a good lightweight activity and the Nike Universa leggings are designed for those who love to break a sweat in the gym. You’ll have to decide which category you fall into.

Aside from that, both pairs excel when it comes to versatility. These are the types of leggings you can wear all day and feel supported in, not restricted.

So, in short, yes, these leggings are worth it.

Nike Leggings

The Verdict

Look, you don’t stay in business for almost 60 years and not learn a thing or two about what works, right?

Despite being popularised by high-level athletes, we’re so glad to see this movement by Nike, even if we were sceptical at first.

Looking at wellness in a holistic way works to create a healthy relationship between women and working out and that’s something we can always get behind.

While these leggings are part of the same movement, they serve different purposes. The Nike Zenvy leggings are for low-intensity workouts whereas you can grab yourself the Universa leggings if you prefer to lift weights.

Both leggings are for those embracing wellness as a part of their lifestyle. Working out doesn't have to look the same every day. If you enjoy switching up your workouts (us too) why not treat yourself to both?