Complete Guide to Unitards and Jumpsuits

Flashback to the 1980s and one-piece workout clothing was all the rage. Picture any old school exercise video - complete with fuzzy edges from overuse - and you will likely imagine a chipper instructor wearing a bright unitard and sweatbands.

The good news is that these practical jumpsuits are back with a vengeance and have had a much needed style update.

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What Is A Unitard?

Whether it’s a gym bodysuit, a yoga unitard, or a workout onesie, the selection of options is endless. Unitards are what you expect: a one-piece workout suit that ticks all of the boxes. You’ve got support, style and flexibility in one little package.

They come in all shapes and sizes. So, whether you want a comfortable and cooling short piece or a long and stretchy one, there is sure to be a workout jumpsuit that works for you.

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The Rise Of The Workout Unitard & Why They're So Popular

Athleisure has been a serious trend over the last couple of years. However, with lockdowns and a change of pace, workout gear became the must-have of everyone’s wardrobe.

Out of that trend emerged a whole new range of workout clothing and the unitard made its gallant return to the workout wardrobe (and beyond!).

While the word actually dates back to the 1960s, unitards have been in and out of fashion over the decades, really coming into their own in the 1980s. This time around, they are better than ever—with all the functionality you need to power up your exercise regime while looking incredible and feeling secure.

Many of the leading brands out there have launched their own take on it, which means that there are countless unitards for you to peruse.

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Picking The Perfect Jumpsuits For Your Workout

Now that you’re up to date on why we’re obsessed with workout jumpsuits, let’s talk about what you need to consider when choosing one. Before you get started, it may be helpful to take a look at some of the pros and cons of wearing this type of attire. Here’s everything that you need to know:

Pros of Wearing a Workout Unitard

  • It’s an easy option. Forget about having to match your leggings to your top. That’s a thing of the past. When you choose a unitard, you simply throw the thing on and hit the gym. It couldn’t be simpler.
  • It’s supportive. In some cases, you may not need to wear a bra with a workout unitard. When you choose a gym jumpsuit, you will find that it’s made of form-fitting material that is flexible too. That means that you get the comfort and support you need in one simple piece of clothing.
  • Move with ease. Perhaps one of the best things about a gym jumpsuit is that you can move with ease. That level of flexibility means that you can shift swiftly from asana to asana without worrying about your leggings slipping down or your top getting in the way at all. Much like a second skin, your unitard will stay in place and move with you.

Cons of Wearing a Workout Unitard

  • Okay, so when you need the bathroom and you’re wearing a workout jumpsuit, there’s a slight issue. You have to take it all off to do it. While this is only a minor inconvenience, it’s worth keeping in mind. You may need to set aside an extra minute or three when you hit the bathroom.
  • The right fit. Finding the perfect fit is a must when you’re choosing your yoga unitard. Since this one piece of clothing has to do everything (and cover you everywhere), that has never been more important. Choosing a quality workout all in one and doing your research is the answer.

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    The Best Workout Jumpsuits & Unitards

    If you’re ready to get on board and find the perfect unitard for you, we’ve got you covered. The truth of the matter is that there’s a bounty of stunning workout gear out there. All you have to do is start browsing and you’re sure to fall head-over-heels in love with them. Here are some we can’t get enough of:

    BORN Yashila Seamless Unitard - Black

    Unleash your full potential with the BORN Yashila Seamless Unitard in timeless black. Engineered with 4-way stretch fabric, this unitard moves effortlessly with you, allowing for unrestricted mobility during your training sessions. The anti-bacterial and anti-static design ensures freshness and eliminates distractions, so you can focus solely on your performance.

    The unitard also features removable pads, providing customisable support to suit your preferences. With its sleek and seamless construction, this unitard is not only a functional workout essential but also a fashion statement. Elevate your training experience with the Yashila Seamless Unitard and discover a new level of comfort and performance.

    Girlfriend Collective Bike Unitard

    Should you want a shorter and more flexible design, you need to check out the Girlfriend Collective Bike Unitard. Boasting sweat-wicking technology and a short-length style, you can wear this one on an invigorating run or while spinning.

    The choice is yours! As an added bonus, this one also features a built-in bra, which means that you don’t need to worry about support.

    Varley Unitard
    Varley Unitard


    Varley Sherwood All In One 7 - Sea Spray

    Slip into the Varley Sherwood All In One 7 in Sea Spray for the ultimate combination of freedom and comfort in your activewear. This trendy jumpsuit is meticulously crafted with lightweight and breathable fabrics that allow you to move with ease, making it perfect for any type of workout or leisure activity.

    The lightly compressive performance fabric offers a supportive and sculpting effect, giving you a streamlined look. The beautiful Sea Spray colour adds a touch of tranquillity and elegance, making this jumpsuit a standout piece in your activewear wardrobe.

    FP Movement
    FP Movement


    FP Movement Free Throw Onesie - Black

    Elevate your activewear game with the FP Movement Free Throw Onesie in classic Black. This jumpsuit is designed to empower you during your workouts, with its sleek silhouette and attention to detail. The high-quality materials provide both comfort and durability, ensuring a long-lasting performance.

    The black colour exudes confidence and sophistication, making it a versatile piece that transitions seamlessly from the gym to casual outings. Whether you're hitting the yoga mat or going for a run, this onesie will be your go-to choice for style and functionality.

    Beyond Yoga Spacedye Get In Gear Biker Jumpsuit - Darkest Night

    Indulge in the Beyond Yoga Spacedye Get In Gear Biker Jumpsuit in the stunning Darkest Night colour. This jumpsuit is cut from lightly compressive performance fabric, ensuring freedom of movement and a comfortable fit. The biker-inspired design adds a touch of edginess to your activewear collection, making you stand out from the crowd.

    The versatile jumpsuit is perfect for intense workouts or as a fashion-forward statement piece for everyday wear. With its combination of style and functionality, this jumpsuit will be your trusted companion during any fitness adventure.

    FP Movement Every Single Time Runsie - Black

    Maximise your running performance with the FP Movement Every Single Time Runsie in timeless Black. This jumpsuit is meticulously designed to maximise your potential while keeping you stylish. The lightweight and flexible material allow you to move without constraints, while the premium fabrics ensure comfort during your runs.

    The sleek black colour exudes confidence and determination, motivating you to achieve your goals. With its streamlined design and attention to detail, this runsie will take your running game to new heights.



    Goodmove Go Balance High Neck Yoga All In One - Black

    Experience the perfect blend of comfort and style with the Goodmove Go Balance High Neck Yoga All In One in classic Black. This jumpsuit is specifically designed to enhance your yoga practice, providing ease and freedom of movement. The breathable and flexible fabric keeps you cool and comfortable in any range of motion.

    The high neck design adds extra support and a touch of elegance to your look. Whether you're mastering challenging poses or flowing through your practice, this all-in-one jumpsuit will become your favourite companion.

    Beyond Yoga Spacedye Uplevel Midi Jumpsuit - Darkest Night

    Take your activewear to the next level with the Beyond Yoga Spacedye Uplevel Midi Jumpsuit in the rich and captivating Darkest Night color. This jumpsuit combines style and functionality flawlessly.

    The premium materials offer a soft and luxurious feel against your skin, while the midi length and flattering fit make a fashion-forward statement. The jumpsuit is designed to provide the perfect balance of flexibility and support, allowing you to move with ease and confidence during your workouts or everyday activities. Elevate your activewear collection with this chic and sophisticated jumpsuit.



    Goodmove Modal Rich Wide Leg Jumpsuit - Carbon

    Indulge in the comfort and style of the Goodmove Modal Rich Wide Leg Jumpsuit in the versatile Carbon colour. Crafted from a soft and breathable fabric blend, this jumpsuit offers a relaxed and effortless fit.

    The wide-leg design adds a touch of flair and allows for freedom of movement. Whether you're attending a yoga class or running errands, this jumpsuit will keep you comfortable and fashionable. Embrace the perfect combination of style and comfort with this versatile piece.

    Girlfriend Collective Scoop Unitard - Black

    Dive into style with the Girlfriend Collective Scoop Unitard in Black. This sleek and minimalist unitard is crafted with high-quality fabrics that provide a comfortable and supportive fit. The versatile black colour and flattering scoop neckline offer a classic and sophisticated look. Whether you're practising yoga or hitting the gym, this unitard will support you in style. Elevate your activewear collection with this fashion-forward and functional piece.

    The Takeaway!

    You can see why we're obsessed with workout unitards - it's a must have for your workout wardrobe. Finding the perfect gym jumpsuit doesn’t have to be difficult. There are plenty of options out there.

    Remember to check out all of the features of your unitard before you take the plunge. Those added extras may just make all the difference. Now, let’s get physical—in true 1980s style!