Manduka Yoga Mats and Yogitoes

Manduka yoga mats provide prime cushioning and protection against you sliding about in the studio. Deservedly, the Manduka Pro Mat and their other designs are favourites for yogis across the globe. And then there's Yogitoes – their yoga towels that will further enhance your grip on the mat. Don't forget to read our Manduka yoga mat review and guide before you buy!

Manduka Yoga Mats and Yogitoes


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    Manduka Yoga Mats and Yogitoes

    About Manduka:

    Designed by a yogi, for yogis, the Manduka Mats are some of the best yoga mats around. Its emphasis on simple, elegant design (it’s crafted by an architect, after all) and natural materials provides unmatched cushioning, grip and comfort during practice. But it’s not all serious. It was back in 1997 that the architect turned yogi, Peter Sterios, created the first Manduka yoga mat. Its firm grip and elegant design revolutionised his practice and keen to repay some of the generosity he’d been shown by his yogi teachers over the years, he sent mats to the likes of Rod Stryker, Erich Schiffmann, Angela Farmer and Shiva Rea, to name just a few. They, in turn, shared it with their students and soon the Manduka mat had a loyal following. Over the years, Sterios has expanded the range to include a variety of shades and textures, lighter mats, travel yoga mats, Manduka yoga towels, carriers and a mat cleaner.

    Why we love it:

    Manduka stands out with its dedicated and transparent approach to reducing its environmental footprint. Both the Manduka Prolite and Pro Mat ranges are made by a manufacturing process that does not release any toxic emissions into the air. And the Manduka eKo Lite Mat is designed from tree rubber that's been sustainably sourced from non-Amazonian forests. Likewise, the Yogitoes Towels are constructed in part from recycled plastic bottles with their gorgeous prints courtesy of dyes that are AZO, lead, and heavy metal free.

    Key Pieces:

    The company’s Manduka Pro Mat which comes with a never-wear-out guarantee, comes in a range of stylish shades, such as Verve, Midnight and Thunder. There’s even a range of light weight mats, such as the Manduka Prolite and Manduka eKo Lite Mat, for when you’re on the go. If you are going to hot yoga, the Yogitoes Towels are definitely a must.

    Are you still not sure whether to go for a Manduka mat? Check out our Manduka Yoga Mat Guide telling you everything you need to know.