Champion Reverse Weave Women's

From humble beginnings as a university business, to world-wide appeal (you can’t have escaped the 90s without donning a Champion sweater at some point), this brand continues to evolve. Remaining true to its original ethos; quality design, craftsmanship and durability, Champion is a go-to for premium athleisure wear. It’s even credited with creating the first hoodie.


The Feinbloom brothers founded Champion back in 1919. First partnering with the University of Michigan, its premium joggers and sweaters a must-have on the pitch, the brand’s reputation grew amongst coaches. Soon, it was adopted by other universities and colleges keen to take advantage of Champion's high-quality pieces, cementing itself as the brand of choice in PE classes and even for the US Military. 

Root through your wardrobe and you'll see the effects of this brand in there today. Credited with creating the first ever hoodie, then a side-line garment for athletes to wear between training and games, it transcends trends. The reversible tee was another innovation of Champion sportswear, along with its signature ‘breathable’ mesh nylon fabric and the pioneering Champion 'Reverse Weave'. Not bad for a university brand.

Why we love them:

Champion is a true icon. Heritage-inspired designs and functional shapes create pieces you’ll wear time again – and you can – it’s known for durability, which means your Champion garb isn’t just a one-season wardrobe star. They’re pieces you’ll re-work for the long haul. If only you had kept that well-worn Champion sweater from back in the day…