The 6 Best Stylish Gym Bags for Women

Finding the perfect gym bag is a lot like dating. Before you even think about getting serious and committing to a sports tote bag or backpack long-term, you need to make sure it’s the whole package. It’s not all about looks.

You need something with depth, resilience and strength. That in itself is a tall order. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Within this short and sweet guide, we’ll take a look at some of the best gym bags for women.

1. FACT+FICTION Charli Backpack

First up, let’s take a look at the perfect bag for every woman-on-the-go. Effortless style meets supreme functionality in the Charli Backpack from FACT+FICTION.

The sleek, minimal design of the bag lends itself equally to either formal office occasions or the gym. That means heading out for a post-work session could not be easier.

Thanks to the compartmentalised design, the gym bag allows you to seamlessly carry anything you may need. There’s a specially tailored padded pocket for your laptop as well as separate compartments for your trainers and water bottle too.

What’s more, there are loads of smaller pockets, which are perfect for hair-ties, gym bands and more. If you’re looking for a luxury gym bag that ticks all the right boxes, you’ve found it.

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2. MZ Wallace Metro Tote

Created by the Manhattan-based designers, MZ Wallace, the Metro Tote bag makes flaunting your inner style effortless. Boasting six inner compartments, the sport tote bag also has a unique detachable travel pouch.

This part of the bag can be used for storing a whole range of things including makeup, toiletries, tablets and smaller trinkets. Great stuff. Rushing from appointment to gym session?

Since these designer gym bags are made from the almost-indestructible Quilted Oxford Nylon, they are both strong and foldable. That means that this could be the best gym bag for women who are busy.

When you’re not using the ultra-lightweight tote bag, you simply need to roll it up and store it away.

3. MZ Wallace Backpack

At once lightweight and yet extremely water-resistant, the MZ Wallace Backpacks are some of the best sports bags on the market right now. Despite having a super light feel, the bags are strong and robust.

Take a peek inside one of these beauties and you will find that there’s a functional range of zippered and spacious compartments. If you’re looking for a bag that allows you to have it all (and pack it away), one of these is the answer.

Ideal for almost any occasion, these could be the best gym bags for women who want to combine work life with their fitness regime. You can choose from either the Metro or the Crosby backpack style if you want an even more elevated bag.

While they are quite similar in look, think of the Crosby as an even more luxe and elevated version of the classic Metro Backpack. It features silver hardware, a braided leather chain top handle, and black leather accents.

4. FACT+FICTION Sofia Signature

Next, let’s take a moment to appreciate the classic style that is the Sofia Signature tote bag from FACT+FICTION. At first glance, this bag looks like a standard work bag. It’s simple, understated, and undeniably elegant.

However, once you scratch beneath the surface, you’ll see that there is more depth to the bag—both literally and figuratively. Inside the contemporary silhouette, the bag has a top handbag compartment, an A4 document pocket and a wild array of waterproof pockets for everything else you could need.

That means that storing your gym gear away in the lower part of the bag is simple. When you’re looking for designer gym bags, you shouldn’t overlook this smart little masterpiece.

5. MZ Wallace Jimmy

Can you ever truly go wrong with a classic duffle bag design? The short answer is no. The Jimmy Tote Bag from NYC designers MZ Wallace is just that.

The luxury-style gym bag is also highly functional, offering a durable exterior and a whole load of space when you get inside it. That means that it’s the ideal companion for the gym or a quick weekend break.

Forget cool, this bag is ice cold as it has a subtle, understated design. It doesn’t demand attention, however at the same time, it manages to get it all the same.

You can truly make this bag your own as there are removable padded shoulder and crossbody straps. How you choose to style it is entirely up to you—feel free to experiment until you get it right.

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6. The ANDI

As far as designer gym bags go, few offer such a high level of functionality as The ANDI from the NYC based brand. The adjustable straps mean that you can wear the bag as either a tote or backpack.

You may want to switch things around on a daily basis, for example. Plus, yogis may fall in love with the bag as there’s even space to attach your mat to it. Bonus!

The ANDI is an ideal carrying companion for the gym, plane, over weekend away, it fits a laptop computer, change of shoes and clothes, and any additional accessories. It comes in a wide array of metallics, camo and animal prints.

Our current fav is the Leopard print which has seen a massive fashion resurgence in the last couple of years—and we couldn’t be happier. From the catwalk to high-street shops, you will catch this feisty feline design everywhere.

Should you wish to pay homage to this trend, the ANDI gym bag in Black Leopard is most definitely an on-trend yet unassuming option.

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Are you ready to start searching for ‘the one’? With any luck, this guide will have given you not one, but six excellent gym bag options.

Whether you’re looking for a cute and functional backpack or would rather have a modern tote look, there’s something that will most certainly suit your needs. Why not start browsing now and see what you can find?


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