Taking Up Yoga? 7 YouTube Channels To Subscribe To

Best youtube yoga channels

Yoga might be nothing particularly new but this practice is going nowhere fast. Last year, a research article published in Frontiers shed a little light on its benefits. Interestingly, the experts found that committing to a daily yoga routine – for as little as three months – could have positive effects on your stress resilience and mind-body health. Win-win, right?

If you’re thinking of giving it a whirl, don’t panic. You don’t have to be a full-blown yogi or pay one to get the down-low. Rather than splashing your cash on a costly studio membership, you can begin practicing from the comfort of your own home. With that in mind, here are some of the best yoga YouTube channels that you have to subscribe to.

Note: While some of the following YouTube channels promote paid courses, all of them also offer free guided yoga sessions.

1. Cat Meffan

Aside from curating the wildly successful Imperfect Matter blog, Cat Meffan has one of the most engaging yoga YouTube channels you will find online. Subscribe to it for weekly online classes, how to yoga guides and loads more.

Cat’s effortless charisma and expertise is a winning combination. Plus, as a bonus, Cat occasionally uploads more personal, lifestyle-centric videos as well as the odd beauty tutorial. You might even say that this channel is the whole package.

Cat Meffan on YouTube >


Fancy a one-on-one session without the hefty price tag? Heading to the YOGATX channel could be the answer. Boasting free yoga videos that target specific areas of the body, you can’t go far wrong when you subscribe to this one.

The hosts ‘teach their Yoga flows in our videos the exact same way they would teach a private Yoga lesson,’ according to the description. In short, you get expert advice and guidance from some of America’s best certified yoga instructors at the click of a button.

YogaTX on YouTube >

3. Sanela Yoga

Sharing practical advice and guided sessions, Sanela Osmanovic is on a mission to help the world do more yoga. It’s a noble goal. On her YouTube channel, she tackles a wealth of subject matters, including those specifically tailored to aches and pains as well as body sculpting routines. Subscribe to her popular channel for regular hits of inspiration.

Sanela Yoga on YouTube >

4. Bad Yogi

Despite the quirky name of her channel, Erin Motz is a positively ‘good yogi.’ However, her aim is to redefine the yoga community and make it accessible to everyone. That means waving goodbye to any snobbery or pretence associated with the practice. #ByeNow

Her engaging videos and guides will captivate you from the moment you begin tuning in. Subscribe to her channel for regular yoga classes amid the odd cheeky Q&A video. Highlights include ‘Yoga You Can Do At Your Desk’ and ‘No Mat Yoga.’

Bad Yogi on YouTube >

5. Yoga With Adriene

Completely new to this practice? The free yoga videos on this next channel are a great place to start. The ‘TRUE – 30 Day Yoga Journey’ course will introduce you to the main techniques with daily sessions from host, Adriene. Each new routine builds on the last to create a well-rounded understanding of all that yoga has to offer.

As though that weren’t enough to get you clicking ‘Subscribe’ immediately, the channel is brimming full with a wide selection of exciting one-off routines too. From ‘Yoga for Stress Management’ to ‘Yoga for Travel,’ you’re certain to find a video that suits your niche.

Yoga With Adriene on YouTube >

6. Yoga by Candace

Should you have minutes to spare or a full hour, it’s well worth visiting the Yoga by Candace YouTube channel. The international yoga instructor has a resoundingly down-to-earth take on the practice. Proving that you can train literally anywhere – from the couch to the jungle – Candace offers tips, advice and routines.

Curious about meditation? Candace has you covered. As well as the endless free yoga videos on this channel, you can also find guided meditation clips that serve as an easy introduction. Start with the ‘4 Minute Work Meditation for a quick way to de-stress.

Yoga by Candace on YouTube >

7. TaraStiles

Looking to build up your core strength? Searching for an energising morning routine? No matter what you’re after, you’ll surely find it here. Tara Stiles is a master chameleon, adapting her routines to fit a range of themes including strength, flow and relaxation.

Aside from offering ultra useful and straightforward yoga guides, she also dabbles in a little Strala – a form of yoga which is influenced heavily by ancient Tai Chi practices, Chinese Medicine and qigong. Subscribe to her channel for its sheer variety of awesome videos.

Tara Stiles on YouTube >

Start your journey today!

Whether you’re a complete newbie or a seasoned pro, tuning into some of these yoga YouTube channels will help you take the next step in your journey. Try them out for yourself and don’t forget to hit that ‘Subscribe’ button for regular updates and videos.

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