Cat Meffan: Why I choose Alo Yoga

Words by Cat Meffan

As a wellness blogger, yoga teacher and shopping fiend, I wear lots of different activewear brands. But for me, Alo Yoga activewear has been at the very top of my lust list for a long time.

Some of you may know of the brand through Instagram, due to the popularity of the Alo Yoga Goddess Leggings and their infamous #beagoddess hashtag. Indeed I first discovered Alo Yoga through the powers of social media and never forget the first pair I bought – the Goddess Ribbed Leggings in coral and grey. I still have them now and after two years they’re as good as ever.

If like me you follow a lot of yogis on Instagram, then you’ll have already seen them kitted out in this California brand, not to mention the many celebrities who have fallen for one of my favourite styles, the Alo Yoga Moto Legging.

Cat Meffan yoga Wales

So why has investing in a good quality yoga kit now become so important? It not only comes down to what good activewear can do for our appearance, but also for our mind. The feeling I get when I wear a well-fitting, matching set for a yoga class or gym session is amazing. I feel motivated, confident and ready to get my head into the class. Additionally for yoga it’s extremely important to have well-fitting leggings, as we’re constantly moving through postures, bending in half and going upside-down. The last thing you want is a pair of leggings that fall down or are too low in the waist.

When it comes to ticking these boxes, Alo Yoga know how to design activewear specialised for yoga as well as other low impact activites, including Pilates and barre. The choice of kit is quite simply incredible; from colour-block leggings, powerful prints and mesh inserts to high waists, longer lengths and stylish textures.

Their leggings are so versatile that I’d happily wear them from morning yoga, to lunch with friends followed an afternoon of meetings. In all honesty, I love my black Moto Leggings so much that I don’t actually wear them for yoga as I want to save them for best! The tops are absolute staples too. I particularly love the Goddess Bra and Sunny Strappy Bra as they’re both so comfortable and effortlessly pretty.

Top Tips for Buying Activewear

If you’re thinking of buying some new activewear, whatever the brand, here are my top tips for choosing the right kit for you:


I probably do this move every single day! Standing with your bum to the mirror, bending over to touch your toes (or as low as your can get) and checking what you can see. If it’s all legging then you’re all good, but if there’s a hint of your underwear then personally I’d steer clear!


Money doesn’t necessarily buy the best activewear. Just because a pair of leggings cost £250, it does not mean they’re going to be right for your needs. At the same time though, don’t scrimp on your activewear. That way you’ll avoid the above see-through-ness and your kit will last longer.


Always think about about the effect that impact and lack of support will be having on your lady lumps. It’s important to make sure you shop for the activity you’re doing. If you’re hitting the cardio or circuits, look for high impact bras and compression leggings. If you’re heading to yoga or barre, then you can go for a low impact crop, like the beautiful Alo Yoga bras.

I’m Cat Meffan, a health & fitness blogger, yoga teacher and YouTuber. Watch my yoga tutorials and follow my blog and Instagram for lots of wellbeing advice and my favourite activewear.


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