Behind the Brand: Every Second Counts

Meet Sally Dixon, founder of Every Second Counts, a London-based activewear brand that's about living in the moment and enjoying where you are right now.

QTell us a bit about the vision for Every Second Counts and what inspired you to start it:

Every Second Counts is about living in the moment and enjoying where you are right now. Life is so fast paced that we’re always thinking about the next thing rather than focusing on the here and now.

The collection is designed to help you move with ease through your day, whether you’re off to the gym before work, running a half marathon, picking the kids up from school, doing a yoga class, meeting friends for lunch, etc. We design pieces that make you look good and feel good, taking you seamlessly from one life event to the next, allowing you to fulfil every moment.

We like to include motivational slogans in our garments to remind you that these seconds right here as just as important as those tomorrow, so make them count! As a fitness enthusiast myself I focus on an exercise regime that includes a lot of different disciplines (and I feel the modern woman does too - gone are the days of endless rounds of cardio on the step machine at the gym!) so I felt inspired to start a brand that would provide a wardrobe for that woman.

QWho is your activewear muse (if you have one?)

We don’t have one -- fit, strong and healthy women everywhere are our muse.

QHow you want people to feel when you wear your line, in 5 words or less:

Ready for anything.

QWhat are your designs inspired by?

It varies with each season but inspiration comes from the things around me, be it an incredible fabric spotted at a trade show, a trip abroad, the lines/muscles of the body or the New York street grid system which was the basis for one of our recent prints.

QFavourite way to sweat?

HIIT training or an intensive Pilates session.

QFavourite recovery food after a workout?

For a quick fix, Neat Nutrition Vanilla Lean Protein shake, otherwise poached eggs with avocado, chilli, basil and lime on toast.

QFavourite way to retox?

Anything with the words ‘salted caramel’ in it

QWhat's your go-to power jam?

Burn, Ellie Goulding

QSomething people may not know about you?

That I’m also a qualified Pilates instructor!