Behind the Brand: Meet Charli Cohen

Meet London's Charli Cohen -- creator of the fashionable activewear line that's been taking the fitness and fashion loving world by storm.

QTell us a bit about the vision for Charli Cohen and what inspired you to start it?

I wanted to redefine activewear as ready-to-wear fashion. My goal is to empower women to do what they want, when they want, by creating a 50/50 balance between style and utility. As an individual, I'm always seeking ways to optimise my day and that feeds into the concept behind CC. It's about clothing to feel confident and comfortable in, whether that's at the gym, at work or going out in the evening - you don't have to know what you're doing that day to be dressed for the occasion.

QWho is your activewear muse (if you have one?)


QHow you want people to feel when you wear your line, in 5 words or less:

The best they can be.

QWhat are your designs inspired by?

I look to movement and anatomy every season but I also take inspiration from my travels - architecture, youth culture, atmosphere - I love to people watch when I'm abroad!

QFavourite way to sweat?

Olympic lifting.

QFavourite recovery food after a workout?

Addicted to Quest Bars - especially the choc chip cookie dough.

QFavourite way to retox?

French toast.

QFavourite studio/gym?

SIX3NINE is amazing.

QWhat's your go-to power jam?

Smells Like Teen Spirit

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