Behind the Brand: Meet Ashmei's Founder

Stuart Brooke, founder of ashmei, lives in a tiny rural village outside of Tring.

ashmei founder running

QTell us a bit about the vision for ashmei and what inspired you to start it?

To create a sportswear brand with product that was developed without compromise with regard to performance and quality. Lots of brands claim this but none follow through until now. To accomplish this vision we ignore the competition, target price point and start from fibre and work upwards.

QWho is your activewear muse (if you have one?)

Being a massive petrol head and F1 fan it has to be Lewis Hamilton, the fastest man on 4 wheels right now by far.

QHow you want people to feel when you wear your line, in 5 words or less?

Comfortable while exercising at their extreme

QWhat are your designs inspired by?

Classic, understated style that are engineered around function, quality and performance. A strong brand language so you know its ashmei without looking at the logo and clean classic lines rather than go faster seams and colours that make you look like you could take on Mo Farah.

QFavourite place to run?

Anywhere as long as it's trails. Only trails.

QFavourite recovery food after a workout?

Ice cold beer.

QWhat's your go-to power jam?

I no longer listen to music on the run. I prefer to capture the noises of nature and if I run alone I run to think things through and clear the mind. Music gets in the way of this but if I had to listen to anything it would be Annie Mac on a Friday night.

QWhen you're not running, what are you likely doing?


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