Perfect WFH Tray Bake Recipes

Words by Charlotte Lindsay

easy shakshuka recipe

Perhaps you may be spending more time at home than ever right now, life may seem a little hectic, between the home schooling, zoom meetings, online workouts and grocery store trips, routine and meal planning may have taken a back seat. However, fear not, for tray bakes are a simple, time efficient and utterly delicious way to ensure you nourish your body the way it deserves.

Baked meals are a seemingly effortless option for those cold winter evenings or long afternoons spent working from home. There is something comforting and fulfilling about a nourishing, hearty baked meal, not only do they require little preparation and washing up, but they provide maximum taste and satisfaction.

Once the slicing, dicing and seasoning is out of the way, you can relax and let the oven do the work. Keep scrolling to explore our range of moreish and simple baked recipes, we can promise you they will not disappoint… Fuss-free and mouth-watering, what more could you want?

easy chickpea traybake recipe


Serves 2


1 large aubergine

550g cherry tomatoes

1 clove garlic

1 red onion

Olive oil

1 can chickpeas rinsed and drained

2 organic mozzarellas

Finely grated parmesan



  1. Preheat your oven to 180 degrees

  2. Dice your aubergine and onion into fine cubes and place them on your baking tray, drizzle with olive oil and season with salt and pepper.

  3. Place in the oven and let them bake for 20 minutes, stirring halfway through.

  4. Whilst your aubergine is cooking, blitz half your tomatoes, garlic and a handful of basil in a food processor.

  5. After cooking your aubergine for 20 minutes, pour your blitzed tomato mix over and stir in, alongside your chickpeas.

  6. Prepare the rest of your tomatoes by slicing them in half and finely slice your mozzarella, place these on top of your chickpea, tomato and aubergine bake, sprinkle with finely grated parmesan and place back in the oven to bake for 15 minutes.

  7. Serve with rocket and enjoy!

easy chicken traybake


Serves 2


2 Chicken breasts

1 bunch asparagus

1 pack of green beans

2 peppers sliced

1 onion

2 sweet potatoes

2 cloves garlic

Rose Harissa


  1. Preheat your oven to 200 degrees and line a baking tray with baking paper.

  2. Prepare your hasselback sweet potatoes, carefully slice the top of your sweet potatoes in 0.5cm slits, making sure to not slice all the way through the potato, stopping ½ inch from the bottom.

  3. Drizzle your sweet potatoes with olive oil, a teaspoon of harissa and a sprinkle of salt and pepper, rub the seasoning into the potatoes and place in the oven to bake for 40 minutes.

  4. Whilst the potatoes are baking, slice your peppers and onions.

  5. Place your chicken breasts, peppers, onions, garlic, green beans and asparagus in a bowl and drizzle with olive oil, 1 tbsp harissa, salt and pepper, toss the ingredients together until coating in the seasoning.

  6. Add the chicken and vegetables to the baking tray with the potatoes and place in the oven to bake for a further 20 minutes (or until the chicken is cooked through.)

  7. Remove from the oven, serve, sprinkle with parsley and enjoy!

easy shakshuka


Serves 2


Olive oil

1 Red bell pepper thinly sliced

1 red onion thinly slice

2 garlic cloves thinly sliced

1 can of chopped tomatoes (260g)

2-4 eggs (depending on how many eggs you wish per person)

Sun Dried tomatoes

Handful of raisins


½ tsp paprika

¼ tsp cayenne pepper

½ tsp cinnamon



Lemon Aioli

1 cup coconut yogurt (or greek yoghurt)

1 clove of garlic

Juice of 1 lemon

Pinch of sea salt

Black pepper



  1. Place all your ingredients into a blender and blitz together.

  2. Enjoy & store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 5 days.


  1. Preheat your oven to 180 degrees.

  2. In a large frying pan heat a generous drizzle of olive oil, add your pepper and onion and cook on a low heat for around 10 minutes until soft.

  3. Add in your garlic, raisins, cinnamon, paprika and cayenne pepper and cook for a further 2 minutes.

  4. Slowly pour in your tomatoes, a generous serving of sundried tomatoes and sprinkle with sea salt and pepper (to taste).

  5. Stir all the ingredients and allow to simmer until the sauce has thickened, this should take around 5-10 minutes.

  6. Carefully crack your eggs into the pan and into your tomato sauce, sprinkle with sea salt and place in the oven to bake for a final 10 minutes, until the eggs have baked.

  7. Remove from the oven, serve with finely chopped coriander and a serving of your lemon aioli.


These 3 recipes provide the perfect lunch or dinner recipes, or even a lovely weekend brunch shakshuka. Get back into the meal prep routine, not only are these baked meals easy to organise and prepare, they will also ensure you get a well-rounded meal leaving your body fuelled and happy!

There are many vegan and dairy free options you can play around with too. The beauty of tray bakes is that you can use up items you have left in your fridge and get experimental. For a vegan shakshuka try swapping the egg for some baked sweet potatoes. Fancy going dairy free on the Chickpea Alla Norma? Ditch the mozzarella and replace it with Nush Almond Cream Cheese or swap the Harissa Chicken for aubergine and some sliced almonds.

It is time to do the prep and let the oven do the rest!