Nike Metcon 9 Review

The Nike Metcon 9 is a continuation of Nike’s endeavour to create a category defining cross-training shoe with a bias towards lifting. It addresses some of the concerns from previous models, such as the narrow fit, with a wider toe box and adjustments in the Hyperlift heel.

However, it still has areas that divide opinion, such as its versatility and suitability for longer runs. This detailed review takes a critical look at the various aspects of the shoe, including design, performance, comfort, versatility, and whether there is enough of a change to justify upgrading your Metcons.

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Overview of the Nike Metcon 9

The Nike Metcon 9 has positioned itself as an excellent option for those into lifting and who were fans of the previous models. There are notable enhancements in comfort, with a wider toe box and design adjustments. However, it may not be the go-to option for those looking for a more versatile and all-encompassing training shoe, particularly for running and high-impact activities, where we think the Reebok Nano X3 or Nike Metcon Free 5 are stronger.

Fit & Comfort

Striking a balance between snugness and comfort, the Metcon 9 accommodates a variety of foot shapes reasonably well. The shoe’s fit is anchored by a flat sole for stability and updated Flywire technology for security, though individual fit can vary. The dual-density drop-in midsole is designed for additional cushioning, which is essential for high-impact activities, but the difference may be marginal for light workouts.

The Nike Metcon 9 stands out from predecessors with a wider toe box, a significant improvement for those who found the previous models restrictive. This enhancement allows for better toe splay and overall comfort during workouts. The adjustments in the Hyperlift heel and the upper design have also added a level of comfort, although the TPU heel may still feel “clicky” for some users during walks and daily wear.


The mesh upper design maintains a decent level of breathability, crucial for gym enthusiasts who engage in high-intensity workouts. This ensures that the feet remain cool and comfortable, allowing for longer and more productive sessions.

Aesthetic and Design

Nike Metcon 9 has been received positively in terms of its design and aesthetics. It has a modern and sleek look. The Metcon series has evolved over the years, with each iteration bringing changes to the design, colorways, and overall appearance. The Metcon 9, in particular, features a refined “sandwich” mesh upper as a notable feature, designed to improve breathability and flexibility, though its real-world impact may be subtle for the casual user. All of Nike’s Metcons have been designed to be aesthetically pleasing, and the Nike Metcon 9 AMP - especially in its Atomic Orange colourway - is particularly bold and stylish.

Read our comparison between these two shoes here.


In terms of performance, the Metcon 9 is versatile enough for various workouts. The firm heel offers stability for weightlifting, whilst the flexible forefoot is designed for agility and movement, sufficient for a range of exercises but not groundbreaking. The Hyperlift insert is a thoughtful addition for heel height adjustment, but its utility may be contingent on individual workout preferences.

Nevertheless, versatility remains a topic of debate for the Metcon 9. While the adjustments have made it slightly more adaptable compared to the Metcon 8, especially in lifting, it still lags behind other models such as the Reebok Nano X3 when it comes to running and high-impact activities. Athletes looking for a more well-rounded shoe might find the Metcon 9 lacking in this department.


The Hyperlift plate and the dual-density midsole have been pivotal in ensuring stability, particularly in lifting scenarios. Whether it's squatting or deadlifting, the Metcon 9 delivers outstanding performance. The only negative we hear from some users is from those wanting more arch and medial support.

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Improvement from Metcon 8

The Metcon 9 has brought several enhancements from its predecessor. The wider toe box and adjustments in the Hyperlift heel are notable improvements for fit and comfort. However, despite the changes, some issues like the “clicky” feel and the limitations in versatility still persist.

Overall, when placed alongside its predecessors, the Metcon 9 shows iterative improvements in design, materials, and performance. The changes, while indicative of Nike's attempt at constant refinement, don’t represent a significant leap on the 8.

Who Should Buy the Nike Metcon 9?

The Nike Metcon 9 is ideal for gym-goers who have a love for the Nike Metcon line but found them too narrow. It is also a good match for those who prioritize a training shoe with a lifting bias and for fans of the Metcon 7 and 8, looking for a somewhat similar experience with slight improvements in versatility.

Who Shouldn’t Buy the Nike Metcon 9?

Those looking for a training shoe with more versatility, especially in running, might want to explore other options such as the Reebok Nano X3 which we think is the best option for more athletic training sessions. Similarly, if you require more arch/medial midfoot support or did not enjoy the feel of the Metcon 7 and 8’s heel construction, the Metcon 9 might not be the best fit.

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At a Glance

Nike Metcon 9

Reebok Nano X4

Nike Metcon Free 5





Design features

Hyperlift plate

Lace-lock system

Extended rubber wrap

Dual-density foam midsole

Moulded heel clip

Flexweave® woven textile upper

Lift and Run chassis system

Floatride Energy Foam

Sock-like feel upper

Nike Free technology in forefoot for flexibility

Moulded heel clip

Advanced cushioning

Best suited exercises

CrossFit, Weightlifting, HIIT

Functional fitness, more athletic training sessions, HIIT, CrossFit

HIIT, Gym, Short runs, Functional training


Excellent stability due to the flat sole and Hyperlift plate

Versatile - suitable for a wide range of workouts, from weightlifting to cardio-focused training

Stable yet versatile, responsive to explosive movements, running (<3 miles) and lateral movements


Not great for running, explosive and lateral movements

After 13 iterations, hard to find flaws

Not great for heavy lifting

Final Thoughts

The Nike Metcon 9 brings a mixture of improvements and a few lingering concerns. It excels in providing a comfortable and stable environment for lifting but may fall short for those seeking a more versatile workout companion. It’s a step forward in the Metcon line but still leaves room for refinement in future models.