MZ Wallace: How to Choose Your Perfect Gym or Everyday Bag

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Finding the perfect bag is every woman’s mission. No matter what lifestyle you lead, you need to know that you’ve got a stylish and functional bag by your side. Naturally, you will have tried a variety of options in the past. However, if none of them have been ‘the one’, you’ll still be searching. Enter MZ Wallace — the brand that could change that forever.


Founded in New York in 2000 by Monica Zwirner and Lucy Wallace Eustice, MZ Wallace ticks every box. Boasting essential accessories that work for modern life, the brand puts remarkable design at the centre of their products. Each bag is sophisticated but equally functional. From useful tote bags to the gorgeous MZ Wallace backpacks, there’s something for everyone.

There’s one thing that makes MZ Wallace unique. Whether you’re hitting the gym for a post-work session or heading out for drinks, MZ Wallace has a bag that fits the bill. That means that finding a multi-functional that suits your everyday lifestyle could not be easier.


Make no mistakes, MZ Wallace offers high-end bags. When the company was first set up, the founders ensured that their products were original and innovative. They weren’t afraid to push the boundaries by combining Italian leather with Nylon, and even enlisting the help of a mattress manufacturer to create their signature quilted style.

Aside from that, the tote bag range is ultra-lightweight and each one can be folded and stored away easily. When you’re always on-the-go, this hand feature makes all the difference. All of the above features and design flairs means that the MZ Wallace bags are top of the range, durable and functional. You might say they are the whole package.

How do you fold MZ Wallace bags?

Want to fold your MZ Wallace bag and store it away? Start by emptying the bag and laying it flat on a surface. Smooth out the bag and tuck in the handles. You can then fold the sides of the bag into the centre. Do so as many times as you need to make it compact.

Keep in mind that some MZ Wallace products have specific folding instructions and even small pouches that come with them. Depending on which product you choose, you may need to learn a new way of folding or rolling it away to store. Simple!

Are MZ Wallace bags worth the price?

The short answer is yes! MZ Wallace bags are designed to fit your needs, made from the highest quality materials and are multi-functional. What’s more, when you choose to invest in one of these bags, you can be sure that it will last for years to come. Getting a quality product, rather than a fast-fashion bag, means that you can trust it to do the job well.


Sustainability is a huge deal for MZ Wallace. However, this change takes time and effort. The team behind the remarkable bags are continuously developing solutions to make the bags more sustainable. It’s an ongoing journey. Needless to say, the first part of this action plan is all about getting the right materials and packaging.

MZ Wallace have committed to improving their sustainability. The company will be completely carbon neutral by the end of 2021. Additionally, by 2022, the team plan for 100% of their Nylon to be bluesign® approved. That’s a huge win.

MZ Wallace REC Nylon

Next let’s talk materials. Right now, 46% of their new styles are already made from REC Nylon. By the year 2023, the company aims to produce their signature quilted nylon from 100% REC Nylon. But what does that mean?

Currently more than nine tons of Nylon has been turned into MZ Wallace bags, rather than going into landfills. Choosing to use REC Nylon rather than virgin Nylon also uses 27% fewer natural resources. These resources, such as water and energy, negatively impact the environment and contribute to greenhouse gasses.

On the other hand, REC Nylon uses recovered materials rather than virgin materials. All of the MZ Wallace products made from this type of material go through rigorous testing.

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MZW Gives Back

“Our MZW Gives Back program allows us the opportunity to use our company and its strengths to make a difference and support causes we believe in.” – Monica, Cofounder & Designer

It doesn’t end there. The MZW Gives Back program has a variety of funds that help social projects and organisations. From funding the contemporary arts to supporting movements, such as Girls Who Code and She Should Run, the business is set on helping out.


Looking for the perfect backpack? MZ Wallace is certain to have a product that suits you. Whether you’re a busy woman who is always on-the-go, an avid gym-goer or both, there will be a snazzy MZ Wallace backpack that is simply made for you.

mz wallace metro back pack

MZ Wallace Metro Backpack

First up, the MZ Wallace Metro Backpack features pockets galore. With three exterior pockets, six interior pockets, and a detachable pouch, there’s room for everything you need here. Add that to the fact that the bag is ultra-lightweight and the backpack is ideal for your day-to-day hustle. This bag fits a 15-inch laptop, so it’s ideal for work too.

Combining a natural Italian leather trim with the signature Nylon material and a quilted design, this MZ Wallace bag is the classic look. Beautiful, adaptable and functional!

mz wallace city backpack

MZ Wallace City Backpack

Need something a little more compact? The MZ Wallace City Backpack is the one for you. This bag has the same amount of pockets as the classic Metro bag, but fits a slightly smaller laptop, coming in at 13-inches. When it comes to the fabric, there’s also the quilted Nylon material here and the Italian leather trim. Perfect if you need a scaled-down product.

mz wallace crosby backpack

MZ Wallace Crosby Backpack

Adding even more luxe, there’s the MZ Wallace Crosby Backpack, whic. Effortlessly combining sporty and chic vibes in a tight package, there’s a whole lot to love about this particular product. The pocket game is stronger here too! There are six exterior pockets, seven interior products and a detachable pouch too. If you’re searching for a mini backpack that will help you organise your most treasured possessions, you’ve found it.


If backpacks aren’t your thing, it’s time to talk about the MZ Wallace bags and totes. The selection of well-designed, beautiful options will ball you over. Wondering which of these bags is right for you? You’ve come to the right place. Let’s take a look at the choices.

mz wallace medium metro tote

MZ Wallace Medium Metro Tote

If minimalism is your thing, you’re certain to fall for the MZ Wallace Medium Metro Tote. The subtle style of this tote means that it’s perfect for everyday wear. Made from REC Nylon and natural Italian leather, the design is hard to beat. There’s also a top zip closure, leather protective feet and reinforced, padded Nylon handles.

Whether you’re hitting the office for a meeting or on your way to the gym, you can fit everything you need in this slick, cool-looking bag. The tote features six interior pockets, room enough for a 13-inch laptop and even a phone pocket too.

mz wallace large metro tote

MZ Wallace Large Metro Tote

Kicking things up a gear, the MZ Wallace Large Metro Tote is perfect for travel. It’s also rollable and foldable. No matter what you do, it never loses its shape. Feeling a bit spontaneous? You can keep this one in your bag or desk for those last-minute getaways.

Like the Medium Metro Tote, this one is made from REC Nylon and natural Italian leather. It also boasts the reinforced Nylon handles and a top zip. However, the larger tote bag has some extra features. You can fit a 15-inch laptop in this one. Plus, there are three extras detachable pouches, along with six interior pockets. Whatever your plans, you can be certain that the Large Metro Tote is the ideal bag to carry everything you need.

MZ Wallace Medium vs. Large Metro Tote

Struggling to decide whether to get the MZ Wallace Medium Metro Tote or the Large Metro Tote? Don’t panic! While these two tote bags are similar, they have some fairly major differences. The medium bag works well for everyday use. It fits a laptop and has enough space for your essentials and perhaps even your gym wear too.

On the other hand, the MZ Wallace Large Tote is slightly larger and more versatile. You can use this bag every day, but it has more going on. When you’re getting away for the weekend or need to carry some extras with you, this bag hits the spot. The detachable pouches are sure to come in useful for those must-have items when you’re on-the-go.

MZ wallace sutton tote

MZ Wallace Large Sutton

Spacious and stylish, the MZ Wallace Large Sutton is well worth checking out. This particular bag is one of the most diverse products you can get. Wear it any way that suits your style. The detachable, adjustable nylon crossbody strap means that you can either sling the bag across you or use the smaller, quilted handles instead.

Inside the bag, you’ve got six interior pockets as well as three detachable pouches. The bag also fits a 15-inch laptop, making it a great option for the busy professional. Of course, you get the signature quilted Nylon look with a natural Italian leather trim too.

mz wallace tote max

MZ Wallace Max Tote

Sleek and slick, the MZ Wallace Max Tote is one of the brand’s most popular bags. It’s plain to see why. Featuring the same quilted Nylon look with a chic leather trim, the product is extremely stylish and beautiful. The slight shift in shape means that this tote has a slimmer silhouette and the perfect take-anywhere style.

If you do choose the Max Tote, you will have plenty of space for your items. There are five exterior pockets, six interior pockets and the bag fits a 15-inch laptop. There’s also a detachable pouch, making the tote bag extra handy. Plus, when you’re travelling, there’s a luggage sleeve, which allows you to slip your tote onto your suitcase handle.


While we’re on the topic of travel, MZ Wallace has your luggage needs covered too. Yes, this brand has a couple of stunning and spacious travel bag options. Before you plan your next great escape, it’s worth taking a peek at these products that will suit your needs.

mz wallace crosby travel bag

MZ Wallace Crosby Traveller

Designed to fit neatly under your seat, the MZ Wallace Crosby Traveller is the ideal for short trips away. Sporting Italian leather handles, a detachable Nylon crossbody strap and even leather protective feet, you’re sure to have enough functionality with this option.

The travel bag also has nine exterior pockets, allowing you to organise your travel essentials with no hassle. There’s the luggage sleeve too, which means you can slide your bag onto the handle of your suitcase. When you take a look inside the bag, there are a further eight interior pockets and a detachable pouch too.

mz wallace jimmy travel bag

MZ Wallace Travel Jimmy Tote Bag

A take on the classic duffle bag, the MZ Wallace Travel Jimy Tote Bag could be the one for you. The stylish look should be enough to catch your attention. However, this bag is more than just a pretty face. Unzip the top and you’ve got loads of room for all your travel needs. There are six interior pockets, a detachable pouch and space for a 15-inch laptop.

The quilted Nylon and natural Italian leather combo means that the bag is highly durable too. You can add the detachable Nylon strap to the bag to change its look or simply carry it in your hand. Plus, when you’re not using the bag, you can roll it or fold it up.


Now that we’ve taken a look at some of the best MZ Wallace bags you can get, let’s answer some final questions. Here are some of the FAQs you may want to know about.

Are MZ Wallace bags waterproof?

The Nylon material used by MZ Wallace is water-resistant. Put simply, that means that the material is able to stop water getting through the bag to some level. However, these bags are not entirely waterproof. For that reason, you will want to avoid downpours of rain.

How do you clean an MZ Wallace bag?

Want to keep your MZ Wallace bag looking sharp? The good news is that these bags are stain-resistant. However, should you find that you mark or stain your bag, there’s a trick you can give a whirl. Start by mixing warm water with mild soap.

You should test a little of this mixture on an area of your bag where it won’t be seen. Dip a clean cloth in the solution to dampen it and start gently rubbing the affected area in circular motions. Next, wipe the area clean and use a dry cloth to dry completely.


By now, you should be a certified expert in all things MZ Wallace. Our guide has given you everything you need to know to make the right choice for you. Whether you’re looking for a new travel bag or an everyday tote, this brand has it all. Take a look at the selection now!