Behind the Brand: Year of Ours

Words by Eleanor Haycock of Year of Ours

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How Did Year of Ours Come About?

It was really developed out of not being able to find an activewear brand we identified with or really loved the fit. We wanted to make a brand that fit different body types and was also more fashion driven and also great quality.

How Would You Describe the Year of Ours Style?

Classic but fashion forward. Timeless.

Can you Tell Us About the Year of Ours ‘Team Spirit’ Ethos?

It's really a brand for everyone and we always think about our fits and style to be inclusive of different types of women. The company always has been very collaborative and, overall, it's a group effort in everything we do.

What Advice to You Have for Anyone Just Starting their Wellness Journey?

Just get started. There are so many different levels to “wellness” and I personally always feel like I am learning something new to add in or take away depending on my lifestyle. Cute workout clothing helps a lot to motivate too!

Why do You Design and Make All Your Products in the U.S.?

My partner in the business owns the factory, so we make everything here in Los Angeles. It really helps control the fit and quality of everything we put out with being super hands on.

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What Are Your Most Popular Legging Styles?

We are known for our Ribbed Football Legging, because it really is so flattering on everyone! The next would be our Veronica Ribbed Legging that has a nice cross over waist band. Our biker shorts are also super popular!

What’s Your Favourite Way to Wear Year of Ours?

I wear YOS all day long! We make sleepwear now, so I seriously wear it day to night. My favourite styling right now is a matching sweat set with new sneakers and accessorised with jewellery.

Any New Year of Ours Products You Can Tell Us About?

Currently we have some really amazing sweat sets that are SO COMFORTABLE. Also this week we are launching our second Sleep drop, which is perfect for valentines. We have some really amazing things coming out for summer too. Tennis anyone?

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What Has Been Your Biggest “As Seen On” Moment? Any Celebrity Fans?

We have had tons of great women wear our clothing, but one of the biggest celebs was Kendall Jenner who was just shot in a set recently.

Finally, Tell Us a Bit About Yourself:

Where’s Your Hometown?

Los Angeles, CA.

What’s Your Favourite Way to Sweat?

Pilates, power walking and hiking.

What’s Your Favourite Way to Chill?

Cooking , reading and watching a good movie.