How to Improve Your Posture

Words by Gemma Bass-Williams of Barrecore

improving posture through barre

Too many of us stay hunched over our phones and laptops all day - and it's wrecking our bodies! ​Having good posture is ​about ​more than just aesthetics​ -​ it is integral for​ ​us​​ to ​be able to ​move with ease​ and without pain​​. Poor posture can lead to feeling stiffer in your body, mentally and physically lethargic, and you may find that your range of movement is restricted or even painful. The Barrecore technique is all about moving gracefully, but with control. Everything we do in our classes promotes good posture, which makes this possible.


Good posture involves your whole body, but it starts with your spine. ​A neutral spine ​means having ​all ​three natural curves in your back ​(Cervical​, ​Thorax​, ​Lumbar​) present​ and in proper alignment​​.​ ​When viewed from the​ side​,​ your neutral spine create​s​ ​the shape of ​an S ​curve. Neutral spine looks different on everyone​!​ ​Focus on finding ​what ​neutral ​is ​for your body.

how to find your neutral spine


Lay on your back, bend your knees, inhale​ a deep breath​ to prepare, exhale​ and​ tilt your pelvis​ upward​. ​Softly imprint your back onto the mat. Exhale​ and​ lengthen your tailbone towards the floor, finding a slight ​space between the lower back and the mat. Imagine you have a grape ​between your lower back and ​the mat and ​you don't want to squash it​! ​​That will be your neutral spine.


Now that you’ve found your neutral spine, here are some techniques you can use to improve your posture while standing up. To begin, you will want to try and have equal distribution of weight across both feet. Spread your toes, lift the arches of your feet. Next:

  • Keep your knees soft​, not locked​.​ ​When you are working in a neutral spine you want ​the placement of ​your knees over your ankles, your hips over your knees and ankles in line with each other.
  • ​​Shoulders ​should be​ relaxed away from the ears​.​ ​You don't want any tension in the neck and shoulders, ​so ​do a few shoulder shrugs to release ​any ​tension and to find your shoulder placement.
  • ​Your heart and ​chest ​should be ​open, looking up and out​ -​ this will help you to stand and look taller. Think about gently drawing your shoulder blades together​.​
  • ​Your head should sit balanced on top of your neck with your eye line level​.​ ​Your nose ​should be just ​over your breast bone and both of these ​in line ​with ​your pubic bone. Think of pulling the crown of your head up towards the sky, this will help create a natural hollow at the back of the neck and help to avoid sticking out your chin.

how to improve your posture


​Good posture will not only make you stand taller but might help to increase your energy and make you feel lighter in your body. Practice standing​ and ​sitting well in your everyday life ​- ​not ​just when you are working out. ​

When scrolling on Instagram and replying to emails on your phone, lift ​your ​phone up ​higher. Consider getting a standing desk or replying to emails with your laptop propped up on a kitchen counter or laptop stand. Every little bit will help keep your body in harmony!

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