How to get fit without breaking the bank

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Have you ever checked how much you spend on the hunt for workout motivation?

From gym memberships to wearable devices and fitness apps, that ‘friendly’ push in the right direction does not come cheap.

Recent polls estimate that gym memberships, exercise classes and healthy foods cost us £65,000 over an average lifetime. A monthly Crossfit membership will set you back £200 a month. A single session with your personal trainer can be upwards of £40. And for a body transformation bootcamp, you’re looking at a minimum of £500 for just 5-7 days.

We jump on board, year after year. Yet four in 10 of us still don’t hit the government recommended 150 hours of weekly exercise. And according to the NHS, 60% of all British adults are currently classified as overweight or obese.

With that in mind, we caught up with the lovely guys at Fiit who are on a mission to keep everybody motivated and moving. Check out their top five tips for making regular exercise more affordable.

1. Get your running shoes on

If you like endurance training, sign up to a 5K Park Run. Organised by volunteers, Park Run is free and open to all fitness levels. Save pennies and meet like minded fitness fans who keep you accountable. For extra credit, take on the ‘LonDone’ challenge and complete 47 different runs within the Greater London area.

Top tip

If you’re new to running, start with a flat park. London locals, we suggest you try Burgess Park in Camberwell. For a more picturesque run, head over to Ally Pally or Peckham Rye.

2. Make an impact

Train in the great outdoors. Get social. And spend zero monies. Volunteering can make a big impact on both your health and your community. Thanks to organisations such as The Conservation Volunteers who run national Green Gyms, you can work up a sweat while planting trees, sowing meadows and creating wildlife ponds. If you’re not into park life, try GoodGym instead. Stop off on your daily runs and support isolated elderly people who need a helping hand.

Top tip

Reach out to your local GoodGym or Green Gym. From one off tasks to ongoing group projects, there’s tons of ways you can get involved while getting super fit.

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3. Join a meetup group

From dance, yoga and boxing to tennis, cycling or running, there’s hundreds of free fitness meetups around the country. Join a group to do more of what you love or explore new and exciting ways to get fit. Studies have shown that you’re much more likely to stick to a regular exercise routine if it involves other people. So don’t be shy.

Top tips:

Check out or download myCrew to find local fitness events hosted by groups in your area. If you’re up for a challenge, sign up to a triathlon and train for it with Windrush Tri Club or the Clapham Chasers. You’ll be amazed by what social support can do for your fitness motivation.

4. Hit up your local trim trail

Introduced by local councils to help us get our weekly workouts in, you can now find hundreds of free outdoor gyms around the country. Having installed over 400 spaces in the UK, The Great Outdoor Gym company has designed various machines that target every area of your body, and introduce cardio based workouts as well as weight-based strength exercises. From parallel bars, hurdles and cross trainers to seated rower, chest and leg presses and pull-up bars, these outdoor gyms do not fall short of their indoor competitors.

Top tip:

Download The Great Outdoor Gym Company app to find your nearest trim trail and test their different training packages. You can also ask you local council for more information on the closest outdoor gyms.

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5. Bring the gym home

If you want quick, affordable, efficient and varied workouts, the Fiit app delivers on all counts. As the highest rated app in the App Store, Fiit lets you train with over 18 different fitness experts and do a range of classes — from HIIT, strength and combat training to yoga, pilates and breathwork. You can download a free version of the app or pay £20 or under for a Premium membership. That includes over 350 classes, personalised training plans and advanced tech that helps you track your heart rate, reps and calories burned.

Top tip:

At 7pm on 24th June, Fiit is launching the UK’s first ever live leaderboard HIIT classes — hosted by Fearne Cotton. You’ll be able to take on people around the country and chase them to the top, without leaving your house. Join Fiit Premium before the 23rd June and you could be in with a chance of winning a luxury retreat for two in Ibiza.

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