Get to know Grace Hurry

Ballet dancer-turned Pilates guru Grace Hurry has been an ambassador for The Sports Edit since 2017.

Grace has a loyal yoga, Reformer and mat Pilates following, both in her beautiful Jersey studio and online.

Grace's infectious energy, beaming smile and attention to form makes her our favourite Pilates instructor going! Give her a follow @gracehurrypilates.

Grace Hurry Pilates

So what initially got you into pilates?

I lucky enough to start Pilates at 11 years old as part of our ballet training! It’s been an almost 20 year love affair!

What are the similarities between Ballet and pilates?

Pilates compliments ballet incredibly well as it promotes strength in large ranges of motion - something that is essential for the demands of ballet.

Do you have any advice for pilates beginners?

Find an instructor who makes you feel good! You should feel comfortable and nurtured in your sessions, and it may take some shopping around to find that person, but once you do exercise will never be a chore.

Grace Hurry reformer

What does a healthy lifestyle mean to you?

Finding what makes you happy. Be it exercise, nutritious food, a trip to the cinema, or a mojito at the end of the week with friends. I spent many years as ballet dancer trying to look a certain way, and although I may have appeared ‘healthy’ I certainly wasn’t happy.

Who is the person that inspires you most?

My sister, Rosalind. Growing up I was always the ‘active one’, and Rozzy was never that interested. Then, at the start of 2018 she committed to doing yoga every day, and I mean EVERY day, and she is still going strong over a year on, and is also running the London Marathon in April! My sister is someone who commits to something and never makes excuses about being too busy or important. She is my inspiration.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

The harder you work, the luckier you get.

Grace Hurry Pilates London


  1. Favourite music to workout to

Beyoncé, of course!

  1. Favourite post workout snack

Anything I can get my hands on!

  1. All time favourite holiday destination


  1. Workout alone or with a partner?


  1. My dream Sunday would be...

Beach day with friends and family

  1. What’s in your gym bag?

I don’t have one

  1. Favourite pilates move

The Teaser

  1. Favourite brands at TSE

I have three! Beyond Yoga, because it is so soft and comfy. LNDR, because it makes you feel like a super hero! And Alo Yoga, because their designs are always on point.

Grace Hurry yoga

You can catch Grace at The Sports Edit in Kings Cross for an exclusive workshop this June! More details coming soon.


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