Form Nutrition Recipes

form nutrition recipes

Looking to spruce up your pre or post workout protein? It is no secret that the TSE team are big fans of Form Nutrition's protein. The award-winning protein is not just exceptionally tasty on its own with some nut milk, it is also the perfect ingredient for making healthy snacks. Formulated by nutritional experts, you'll be sure to get a complete spectrum of amino acids, greens, fruits powders, enzymes and vitamins, in other words, all the good stuff!

From smoothie bowls to bliss balls, we have gathered some of our best recipes to inspire you to get baking and blending.

Form nutrition smoothie


What better way to inspire you post-workout nutrition than with some delicious and nutritious vegan smoothie recipes? Try our Green Goddess, Monkey Mocha, Blissful Berries or Choco Chia Coconut smoothie recipes using Form Protein. All nutritionally balanced, giving the perfect blend of healthy vegan fuel to help you recover from every workout. Get blending!

form nutrition energy balls


Protein balls, power balls, bliss balls or energy bites. There are many names for these small, but mighty snacks. Add a scoop of Form Protein and they will become even mightier. Quick and easy to make, yet every bit as indulgent as any baked good you could imagine. Whether you are baking a pre or post gym top-up, be sure to stock a stash of them as they’ll leave you craving more. Try out our recipes; Choco Bomb Chocolate Protein Energy Ball, 'Get Fruity' Oatmeal and Fruit Energy Balls or 'Nutty Surprise' Nut Butter Energy Balls.

form nutrition smoothie bowl


Smoothie bowls are a great way to make your smoothie a bit more filling and a lot more exciting by adding tasty toppings. As opposed to smoothies, which are usually enjoyed on-the-go, smoothie bowls can be slowly savoured - one spoonful at a time. Form Nutrition protein is a great addition to your bowl: Not only will it pack your bowl with protein, it will also add some exciting flavours and fragrances to your meal. Get experimental with your pantry and your produce and up your breakfast or brunch goals!

form nutrition post workout snacks


In need of a healthy dessert? Try our Banoffee Smoothie recipe using Form's Performance Protein Chocolate Salted Caramel. In addition to promoting digestion and muscle recovery, this recipe is guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth. Plus, it also vegan and better for the environment too.

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