High Impact Sports Bras for Running and Training

Leave behind any feelings of self-consciousness or discomfort caused by breast movements and invest in a high-impact sports bra. It will dramatically improve your workout routine.

From adjustable straps, crafted cup sizes and breathable fabric, you’ll seriously wonder why you didn't pick one of these bras up earlier. Plus, all your favourite fitness brands have made an appearance with their take on this clothing item. (Yes, they exceed expectations, again.)

Without further ado, here is everything you need to know about purchasing high-impact sports bras and of course, the high-impact sports bras that are actually worth the hype.

High impact sports bras

The Basics: What Are High Impact Sports Bras?

“High-impact” is a term regularly used in the fitness industry to describe a particular type of workout.

This is usually where your body bears the impact during the exercise. This is most present in workouts that include excessive running and/or jumping.

With that in mind, high-impact sports bras are designed to offer additional support and minimise bounce. Because of this, this item of clothing is popular amongst women with bigger breasts as they often feel much more comfortable with the additional support.

What Makes A Good High-Impact Sports Bra?

There are certain specifications to look out for when choosing a high-impact sports bra.

  • Adjustability - Having adjustable straps allows the sports bra to better fit your body.
  • Sizing - Instead of being labelled S, M, L, or XL, high-impact sports bras often come in cup sizes. This allows the bra to fit your cup size perfectly which significantly increases the support that it can provide.
  • Moisture Wicking/ Encapsulation - Having a sports bra with moisture-wicking fabric ensures that you can feel cool and remain dry throughout your entire workout.
  • Comfort - With the amount of support being increased, it is also important to find a sports bra that is comfortable to wear and is made from a soft material.

Remember to keep all of these factors in mind when selecting your sports bra.

High impact sports bras

The Best High Impact Sports Bra For Running & Training

Now you know what a high-impact sports bra is and what to look for, here are the best high-impact sports bras for running and training.

Sweaty Betty

Designed with the active woman in mind, Sweaty Betty's high-impact bras provide unparalleled support, ensuring that you can tackle even the most intense workouts with confidence.

Whether you're hitting the gym, running, or engaging in high-intensity activities, Sweaty Betty's sports bras not only prioritise functionality but also boast a fashionable flair, making them a go-to option for those who refuse to compromise on style while breaking a sweat.


Sweaty Betty Zero Gravity Running Bra: Sweaty Betty, Ultra Running Bra - Black


Zero Gravity Running Bra - Black

Uncover the epitome of performance with the Zero Gravity Running Bra. Boasting body sculpting and an anti-bounce design to guarantee a secure fit, the weightless hold ensures even pressure distribution throughout your run.
Engineered with convenience in mind, it features an easy hook and eye closure, coupled with a quick-release top clasp for effortless on and off. This ultra-lightweight bra not only keeps you dry with its sweat-wicking properties but also offers body sculpting and an anti-bounce design, making it the ideal companion for your high-performance workouts.

Ultra Running Bra - Black

Boost your running game with the Ultra Running Bra, meticulously crafted to enhance each and every stride. Featuring cutting-edge compression technology and non-padded moulded cups for optimal stability, this bra ensures a supportive foundation for your high-performance runs. Stay cool throughout your workout with quick-drying fabric and strategically placed breathable mesh panels.
The fully adjustable straps guarantee a personalised fit, and the padded shoulder straps add an extra layer of comfort to keep you focused on reaching new heights. Mesh panels, compression technology, fully adjustable straps, and non-padded moulded cups make this bra an essential for those looking to elevate their running experience.


With Nike’s popular Dri-Fit material, it’s no wonder that Nike's activewear line only grows in popularity and their sports bras are no different. With their timeless designs and simple recognisable logo, it’s hard not to fall in love with each one.

Here are the best sports bras for women by Nike.

Dri-FIT Swoosh Sports Bra

Simple, neutral and goes with everything, this sports bra is a basic that every woman needs.

The Dri-Fit Swoosh Sports Bra has wide straps and an effortless racerback design that will make you want to wear this item over and over again. The bra itself features an adjustable bottom band for a custom fit and extra support. The Dri-fit technology also works to ensure you feel comfortable all day long.

Dri- Fit Alpha Bra

If you’re looking for bigger bust sports bras, you should consider purchasing the Dri-Fit Alpha Bra.

This sports bra has foam moulded cups specifically engineered to minimise bounce. Plus, with the additional sturdy back clasp and adjustable straps, you’ll feel secure from the very moment you put this on. Choose from classic black, neutral grey or rock the vibrant fuchsia pink!

Nike Swoosh Flyknit Support Bra

This black and white gradient sports bra is a statement piece fan favourite in the Nike collection.

This sports bra, of course, features Nikes’ Flyknit technology hugs your frame for a snug, supported feel, while mesh panels and a modified racerback allow air to circulate fast. The adjustable bottom band and longer neckline also ensures that you can make intense movements without feelings of self-consciousness. The racerback style and adorable cutout design are set to impress too.

Under Armour

Under Armour is known for its sleek clothing and immaculate attention to detail. Purchase a sports bra from Under Armour and know that you will receive high-quality clothing with an added edge.

Here are the best sports bras for women by Under Armour.

Infinity High Sports Bra Black

Hit your personal best in this structured high-impact Bra.

Powered by HeatGear Technology and featuring breathable mesh panelling, this material will keep you cool even on your longest and toughest runs. Alongside that, innovative PU moulding adds a level of support that is almost unmatched.

Under Armour Infinity High Sports Bra

Infinity High Zip Bra - Black/White

Meet the Under Armour Infinity High Bra Zip. This bra is all about natural support, a feather-light feel, and a shape that moves with you, thanks to its cool injection-moulded design.

Plus, it's got a handy zip front, comfy moulded padding, HeatGear fabric for that extra cool factor, and it's a pro at keeping sweat at bay. Ready to elevate your fitness game? This bra's got you covered.


Obviously, Adidas had to show up to the competition and they certainly delivered.

Not only do Adidas’s sports bras come in a light, breathable material they also have chic designs that match all workout leggings.

Here are the best Adidas sports bras for women.

TLRD Impact Training High-Support Strappy Bra

Unleash your full potential with the TRLD High-Support Bra.

This high-impact sports bra is versatile, breathable and designed with intense activity in mind. Ladies, you'll be glad to know that the padding in this sports bra is completely removable, so you can determine the level of support you require. That combined with the strappy back design, you’ll find yourself gravitating towards this sports outfit for every workout.

TLRD Impact Training High-Support Bra

Looking for a simple design? This TLRD high-support bra may be just what you’re searching for.

The high-performance fabric wicks away sweat and the padded straps allow for a comfortable distribution of weight. You also really can’t go wrong with this classic style.


Goodmove shouldn’t be overlooked when choosing your perfect sports bra. These affordable sports bras are durable, strong and unbelievably supportive.

Check out the best sports bras by Goodmove.

Extra High Impact Serious Sports Bra

Push for that extra mile with this wired high-impact sports bra.

Designed for intense training sessions, this sports bra was developed by a team of experts to reduce bounce by up to 25%. (Perfect if you’re a HIIT workout lover). Then, the thick straps only further commit to making you feel comfortable and supported throughout the entire day. The Cool Comfort technology also keeps you feeling fresh during your most intense workouts.

Goodmove High Impact Sports Bra
Goodmove High Impact Sports Bra

Extra High Impact Serious Sports Bra: Goodmove, Extra High Impact Serious Sports Bra B-G - Black


Don’t miss out on reaching your full potential and smashing your workouts, simply invest in a high-impact sports bra and never look back.

When purchasing, keep in mind the adjustability, the material and the size of the sports bra. Whether you’re a full support, underwire type of girl or the type to prefer a high neckline racer back design, be sure to spend some time deciding on the right sports bra for you.

High impact sports bras

Investing in a sports bra is investing in your health. Which is the perfect excuse to buy more workout clothes, right?