Athleisure 101: How To Do Loungewear Stylishly

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In the midst of this current lockdown, you may find yourself a little anxious and unsure of what will happen next. Well trust me, you are not alone! However, we have to look at this time with a positive approach; as a time to step aside from a fast paced life, re-charge and take a moment to breathe. Whilst your normal activities such as work, gym and socialising have now translated into ‘WFH’, online workout videos, and Zoom parties, it is important to still feel and look good, even though you aren't leaving the house… this will really help to keep you feeling positive!

You are what you wear

Ever heard the saying ‘You are what you eat’? Well, the same goes for clothing - you are what you wear.

Don’t underestimate the importance of being happy with what you wear, even in isolation.

The physical impact of being comfortable does wonders for your body, helping it to feel less physical pressure. Even more importantly, the mental impact of feeling happy in your clothes is tremendous. Ever heard of ‘unclothed cognition’? It is a theory that proves the way we dress does indeed have a direct impact on our mood. This positivity can affect your outlook and attitude, allowing you to be more confident, optimistic and productive. Who doesn't want to feel this way right now?

So get out of those old coffee stained pyjamas and put a little effort into your loungewear. You will not only see the difference, but feel it too!


Common misconceptions of loungewear

Loungewear done right can shatter all the common misconceptions of ‘dress down’ days:

  • MYTH 1: Loungewear is just for Sundays

Your home is your new office space, gym floor and social hot spot - it’s now a hot bed of productivity and relaxation! So embrace stylish loungewear that works for every occasion, every day of the week.

  • MYTH 2: Comfy clothes are not stylish

Loungewear done The Sports Edit way is absolutely stylish. There is much more to modern loungewear than bobbly sweat pants and your old school leavers hoody. Oversized sweats for example are a big trend this spring and look great paired with luxe leggings, ensuring you look cool and comfortable on those Zoom meetings.

  • MYTH 3: Loungewear is just for the home

Sophisticated loungewear is a versatile choice that works way beyond your front door, meaning you won’t look like you rolled out of bed when you head out the house for a walk or a food shop.


How to style your loungewear

Invest in your lockdown look. Whether you are going from working at home to a lunch time yoga class online, chilling on the sofa to popping out to buy groceries, you can do so in head-to-toe loungewear and still look the part, without having to drastically change your outfit.

Try pairing a soft, oversized sweatshirt with a long line tee and super soft ‘space dye’ leggings, for a flattering look that will keep you cosy on the sofa or while sitting at your desk. To style it up, simply add some delicate jewellery.

If you want to opt for sweatpants, try teaming with a simple fitted tank or tee for a simple chic look. Or if your style is more ‘luxe athleisure’, then pair sweatpants with a matching sweatshirt from a luxury brand like Monrow, for real business class style.

Or how about working the go-to LA look - a cropped sweatshirt teamed with your favourite pair of leggings. Style your hair with some beach waves and add a nude lip for that effortless-yet-healthy Cali girl look. This is one of my favourite combinations for working from home, whilst sneaking in a quick lunch time barre class.

Style takeaways:

  1. If you are going for loose fitting style on the bottom, try to pair with a fitted tee or crop

  2. Team oversized sweats or tees with skinny leggings

  3. Add some simple jewellery to your look for an easy style up

  4. Try different outfits throughout the week, to keep your lockdown looks fun and fresh

5 top brands for loungewear

These are the sports luxe brands really leading the new gen of loungewear:

  • Varley - effortlessly stylish and elegant outerwear pieces that are great to mix and match
  • Monrow - our go to for some serious tie-dye cool or a matching sweat set
  • Alo - the cult brand for California yoga-chic
  • FP Movement - effortless leisure looks designed with movement in mind
  • Beyond Yoga - luxuriously soft yoga-inspired styles

Best selling loungewear styles