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Cat Meffan yoga interview

We caught up with yoga teacher, lifestyle blogger and all round #fitspo beauty Cat Meffan on the set of our latest shoot in Kings Cross, London. From yoga tips for newbies to dream destinations beyond the mat, read on for a little more insight into our favourite yogi's world.

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So how did you first discover yoga?

I first came to yoga after injury. My background is in dancing and gymnastics, so I wanted to find something I could do that was less impact on my joints, but still allowed me to explore physical movement. 

What effect has it had on your life?

Yoga has taught me so much about my body and movement, but more so than that. Yoga has taken me on a journey of the self. Opening me up to meditation, mindfulness, curiosity about who I am, what it is that I want to put out into the world and the kind of person I truly am, deep down underneath all of the layers. 

Which type of yoga is your favourite?

This honestly depends on my mood, my location and the people I'm with. I'll always have a huge love of vinyasa, as it allows me to be creative with my movements and add in aspects of gymnastics and dancing. At the same time, some days my yoga doesn't even see me get on my yoga mat, it's much more about looking inwards, working with pranayama, meditation and journalling. 

Cat Meffan yoga class

Any words of wisdom for Yoga beginners?

Don't give up at the first hurdle. Finding a yoga teacher that you vibe with isn't always easy, but trust the process. Go into a class with an open mind and be ok with any emotions that come up for you. Whether you're already extremely flexible or already have a strong meditation practice, there is always so much more to learn. By going to group classes, you get the added benefit of a beautiful energy in the room, so I recommend trying a few different styles, to see what works for you. 

What does a healthy lifestyle mean to you?

I know we float this word around so much, but it really is all about balance. Over the last year I've worked on getting balance between working hard and having fun. As I work for myself, it can be addictive and tempting to not switch off, putting guilt on myself to always work harder, but I've learned that working harder isn't always the answer. Sometimes, it's all about letting go, being in the moment and having fun. 

What would be your advice to new bloggers?

Blog about something you're passionate about. There are so many blogs out there now, so to really shine through I think you need to be willing to share a part of yourself. I'm not saying that you have to bare all, but if you write about something you're passionate about then that part of you will sparkle. Also, invest in a nice blog template. Pipdig have some amazing ones and they don't cost much at all. It'll just give your readers a nicer experience. 

Cat Meffan instagram

Social media is such a big part of so many people’s lives now. But what are your favourite ways to take some time off the ‘gram?

I often leave my phone at home when I go out for a walk or spend time with friends. And sometimes I'll actually schedule in a weekend where I delete my social media apps from my phone and really take time to disconnect.

Who is the person that inspires you most?

I always find questions like this so hard, as I think I'm inspired by new people every day. But if I had to pick, it would be my parents. They work for themselves, they work extremely hard, they are loving, they are funny and they love family time. I wish they'd switch off a bit more and retire soon, but I'm working on that! 

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

"You can't rush something you want to last forever" is something that has always stuck in my mind. I think it lends itself beautifully to so many aspects in life, so it's something that I will always come back to if I'm questioning a particular path or decision. 

Cat Meffan London


1. Favourite music to workout to

Old school hip hop and RnB

2. Favourite post workout snack

Any kind of fruity and veggie smoothie

3. All time favourite holiday destination

So many! Bali, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Wales!

4. What’s in your gym bag?

Water, headphones, spare hairband and a spare trainer. It works perfectly as a tripod if I want to film!

5. Sunday funday is...

A long walk, lots of yummy food, maybe a yoga class and a afternoon on the sofa

6. Favourite yoga position

Any kind of inversion

7. Favourite brand at TSE

ALL OF THEM! But if I had to pick, it would be Alo Yoga and PE Nation - both the brands I got to wear for this shoot.

Cat Meffan Kings Cross

Photoshoot in Kings Cross: shot by Luke Ayling, directed by Amie Trewin Hutt. Cat Meffan wears Alo Yoga and P.E Nation from The Sports Edit


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