Wolven: Sustainable Style

On the hunt for sustainable activewear that looks and feels amazing? Look no further. The Sports Edit is proud to partner with Wolven, an innovative new activewear brand whose mission is to #makesustainabilitysexy. How? By using high-quality, breathable, environmentally-friendly and sustainable threads across the most stylish designs and vibrant prints. Each item literally re-routes plastic from the oceans into a beautiful garment.

Intrigued? Read on to find out how to join the Wolven Wolfpack and become part of the change!

Wolven Threads Fauna Bell Bottoms


Founded by Indian-Pakistani CEO and artist Kiran Jade, Wolven is defined by its incredible designs, beautiful prints, inspired artistry, and a unique look that seamlessly blends the elegance of Eastern and Western design. The Wolven range is already renowned for its super-comfortable, flattering fit, while the Wolfpack community unites everyone who wears the range in their support of, and appreciation for, the environment, the oceans, and the beautiful world that we live in.

Wolven clothing is created from OEKO-Tex certified recycled P.E.T., an innovative, versatile fabric crafted from discarded plastics, which is recycled into beautiful and eminently wearable clothing. It is breathable, very soft, comfortable, and durable, offering you the highest quality product at a reasonable price, generating substantially lower carbon emissions than other fabrics.

Wolven Reverie Leggings

Wolven is a carbon-neutral company, having partnered with Climate Neutral to monitor their carbon emissions closely. Purchasing carbon credits on an ongoing basis means that the company also contributes to projects such as rainforest conservation and landfill methane capture on an ongoing basis. As stated by Wolven:

“Sustainability is not just a word in our tagline, it’s at the core of our operations. The oceans are an ecosystem that is very dear to the Wolfpack. It is the place where we breathe the freest, where we relax the deepest, and where we get inspired the most. That’s why we try to protect this precious ecosystem with every product we sell."

Wolven Reverie Set

Cleaning Up the Oceans

For every single Wolven order made, Wolven collects 1-pound of ocean bound plastic. Just why is that so impressive – and necessary?

Experts predict that the already overwhelming figure of 11 billion pounds of plastic that enters our oceans annually will accelerate, tripling by 2040. In fact, in one hour in the US alone, 2.5 million plastic bottles are disposed of, many of which make their way into our seas. The Sports Edit wants to champion brands taking a new approach – and Wolven is definitely one of these. Completely unique, vibrant prints, combined with soft, flattering fabrics that are truly sustainable and durable, that re-route plastic waste away from the oceans, and which allow you to wear your passion for the environment every time you work up a sweat.

Wolven is part of a new movement of brands that take a stand against the climate-changing, polluting effects of fast fashion which accounts for 10% of all global carbon emissions. 85% of all textiles are dumped every year, we buy over twice as many clothes as we did twenty years ago, and we discard them twice as fast – all of which contributes materially to the waste that is dumped in landfills and seas the world over.

Wolven Noor Activewear Set

Championing the Environment

Wolven have positioned themselves clearly to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. They make use of 27 recycled bottles in each pair of leggings, reversing the direction of plastic from the sea (bad) to your yoga studio (good!). Their amazing designs unite the best of eastern & western artistic expression and are made to last. Your can wear proof of your environmentally supportive credentials, in a Wolven fabric proven to be twice as soft as cotton. Wolven even offer their own environmentally friendly washbag that allows you to stop microfibres from your clothes escaping into the water supply.

Aside from legging fabrics, Wolven uses a carbon neutral modal fabric based on a cellulose fibre derived from beechwood pulp (renowned for its softness). Better still, it uses wood pulp fibres that are harvested sustainably, offers a completely natural form of raw material which is free of toxic pesticides, requires no cleared out forest land to grow new crops, relies on a tree source that regenerates and propagates naturally, needs no artificial irrigation or planting, and uses way, way, less water than cotton.

Wolven Noor Leggings and Bra

And the packaging? Minimal, as low-impact and eco-friendly as possible.

Join the Wolfpack Today!

At The Sport Edit we love to find and promote innovation and support brands who combine sustainability and style – which made partnering with Wolven a no-brainer for us. By choosing Wolven and joining the Wolven Wolfpack community, you become a partner in changing the game. You become part of a movement that values a focus on sustainability and protecting our oceans. The best thing? You’ll not do good by the environment – you’ll look awesome too!

Find out how to help Make Sustainability Sexy™ via social media at @WOLVEN and #MAKESUSTAINABILITYSEXY and shop the Wolven range at The Sports Edit.