Top 10 Running Leggings

Searching for the perfect pair of running leggings? Your quest may be about to come to an end. Finding the right leggings for your workout is easier than you might imagine—so long as you’ve got the knack for it. In this guide, we will take a look at what you need to know before you start shopping and share some of the best leggings out there for 2022.

What to Look for in Running Leggings

Before you start searching for your ultimate pair of running leggings, let’s take a moment to talk about what you’re looking for here. It’s important to find sportswear that ticks every box when you’re preparing to up your performance and get training. While there’s a whole range of running leggings out there, you deserve the best of the best. For that reason, you need to keep the following things in mind when you’re picking out your perfect pair.


You stride, you stretch, and you flex. When you’re running, you need a high level of flexibility so you can move without anything holding you back. That means that it’s worth looking for leggings that are stretchy and sculpted to fit your body like a second skin.


Let’s not beat around the bush here. When you’re out there giving it all you’ve got, you need to make sure that your skin can breathe. Many of the best running leggings come with drying or moisture-wicking technology. Choosing a pair that has these added extras means that you will avoid the discomfort of working up too much of a sweat.


Sometimes, it’s the small details that can make a big difference. We’re talking about everything from those hidden pockets to contoured waistbands. Whenever you’re looking for the right pair of running leggings, pay close attention to these added extras.

Perfect Fit

The way that your leggings mould to your body is everything. Choosing a length that suits you is the first battle. You might find that 7/8 lengths work best for super-fast runs while a full-length legging provides comfort for everyday workouts. You should also look out for sculpting and tight-fit fabrics that give you the assurance you need as you move.

Ready to get shopping? Now you know what to look for in the best running leggings, it’s time to look at some of the options. Here are 10 of our favourites to get things started.

Top 10 Running Leggings

Varley Let's Go Running Leggings - Shadow Animal

Get fierce with the Let’s Go Running Leggings. Forget getting hot and sweaty. Featuring Varley's highly technical, compressive, moisture-wicking Let's Go fabrication, these leggings are perfect if you’re looking for the ultimate level of breathability when you’re on the go.

The pair also boasts a sculpting waistband, hidden drawstring, and a four-way stretch, which means that they are some of the most comfortable leggings out there.

Nike Dri-FIT ADV Run Division Epic Lux Leggings - Cave Purple

Next up, it’s worth checking out Nike's Run Division Epic Lux Leggings. With a supportive fit, mesh details, and even a bungee cord waist, there are many reasons that you will fall head-over-heels in love with these leggings. Available in cave purple, these leggings look awesome when you combine them with a cute tank top or sports tee. Of course, these leggings include the remarkable Dri-FIT technology for ultimate comfort.

Nike Dri-FIT ADV Run Division Epic Lux Leggings - Black/Atomic Orange

Love the classic aesthetic? We’ve got you covered. The Run Division Epic Lux Leggings from Nike are also available in a plain black and atomic orange combo. The high waisted supportive fit looks extra flattering, and you can wear this understated look with bright colours for a contemporary feel. As if that weren’t enough to get you excited, the leggings sport the Dri-FIT technology, which means that you will stay dry on your next run.

adidas Own The Run COLD.RDY Running Leggings - Black

With a cool high-rise design, zippered pockets, and those cute reflective details, adidas' black Own The Run COLD.RDY Running Leggings are things of beauty. The pre-shaped legs give a gorgeous silhouette in an instant. You’ve also got the COLD.RDY technology and a fleecy design, which means that you will always get that cosy, comfortable feel.

adidas FastImpact Running 7/8 Tights - Magic Grey

Crafted from recycled Primeblue materials, adidas' FastImpact Running 7/8 Tights are both sustainable and functional. The 7/8 design is ideal for those fast-paced urban runs. Add that to the modern design—reflective zigzags and all—and you’ve got a recipe for success.

These leggings offer a tight fit with high-rise finish for the ideal level of comfort. As a bonus, you get two side pockets for all your treasures and trinkets (i.e. your keys!).

Lilybod Brooklyn Legging - Smoke Black

Looking for the best running leggings for sculpting? You might just have found them. The expertly crafted Lilybod's Brooklyn Leggings in Smoke Black are a marvel. These leggings come with sculpting fabric, moisture-wicking technology, and a wide waistband. That means that you can move, flex, and stride until your heart’s content without restriction.

Under Armour RUSH 6M Novelty Legging - Black/Iridescent

Increasing your running endurance could be as simple as choosing the perfect pair of leggings. That’s where Under Armour's RUSH 6M Novelty Leggings come into play.

These advanced pieces of sportswear include mineral-infused fabric, which reflects energy back into your body as you run. With a high-rise, non-slip waistband, you can also expect a comfortable fit and all the support you need. You’ve also got quick-dry and anti-odor technology, so it doesn’t matter how hot and sweaty you get. You’ve got this.

adidas by Stella McCartney TruePurpose Training 7/8 Tights - Bold Blue

Supportive, flexible, and stretchy, the adidas by Stella McCartney's blue TruePurpose Training 7/8 Tights are a must-have. If you’re searching for a pair of leggings that both look incredible and get the job done, look no further.

These include AEROREADY technology, moisture-absorbing material, and are made from recycled fabric. All of that and a panelled, sculpting design means that these leggings are not to be ignored. Turn some heads now.

adidas by Stella McCartney TruePurpose Training Tights - Black

Sticking with the same range, the full-length adidas by Stella McCartney TruePurpose Training Tights demand your attention. These leggings come with a sculpting high-rise design, AEROREADY technology and elastic waist.

All of the above means that you can move with complete freedom, whether you're out jogging or in full-on stride mode. The fashion-forward design also has some eye-catching thigh details for that extra punch.

Nike Dri-FIT One Leggings - Dark Smoke Grey/White

We love hidden pockets! And that’s exactly what you get with the Nike Dri-FIT One Leggings. This pair of leggings has been created to give you the epitome of support and comfort in one neat package.

The full-length design comes with a contoured waistband, seamless sides and that epic Dri-FIT technology too. That means that you can perform at the highest level and never once have to worry about whether your leggings can keep up.

The Takeaway!

Finding the right pair of running leggings for you doesn’t have to be a challenge. Now that you’ve read our guide, there’s no time like the present. Why not look for a perfectly fitted and ultimately comfortable pair of running leggings now? We’ve selected some of our top picks here, but take the time to look around and see which ones suit your workouts.