What are Cropped Gym Leggings - and Should You Try Them?

Getting hot and sweaty is all good fun… but when you’re wearing full length sports leggings, it can be too much to handle. Nobody likes to feel as though their skin can’t breathe. Whether it’s the height of summer or you’re dabbling in a little hot yoga (yes please!), opting for some cropped leggings could be the answer. But what are these leggings all about and why should you bother with them? Here’s everything you need to know.

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What Are Cropped Leggings?

Also known as Capri pants, cropped leggings are the ideal addition to your workout wardrobe. Combining an effortlessly stylish look with a flexible feel, cropped leggings have become increasingly popular in recent years. As the name suggests, these are leggings that don’t go all the way down to your ankles—like full length gym leggings. Instead, they are cropped just above that area, often around the calf of your leg.

Ahead of hitting the gym for your next sweat session, you need to make sure that you have the right pair. Choosing the best cropped leggings for you doesn’t have to be a trial and there’s a rainbow array of options out there. Understanding more about this essential piece of sportswear is a smart place to start.


Cropped Leggings vs. Full Length Gym Leggings

First things first, let’s talk about how these leggings differ from your standard full length pair. If you find yourself bunching up your waistband or cuffing the bottom of your leggings, these are for you. Of course, full length leggings generally run all the way to your ankle.

However, cropped leggings are a smidge shorter, falling in the middle of your calf. Many workout lovers find this length suits them best as it offers breathability and flexibility. Deciding whether you want to choose cropped leggings or full length gym leggings will depend on your height and also the sport you’re doing.

Cropped Leggings vs. 7/8 Leggings

When you’re on the hunt for cropped leggings, you may well come across 7/8 leggings as well. Keep in mind that not all cropped leggings are 7/8 leggings… but all 7/8 leggings are cropped. The former are 1/8th shorter on the inseam which means that they are only slightly cropped. While they typically rest higher on the leg than your average pair of full length gym leggings, these tend to sit neatly just above the ankle.

However, it’s worth keeping in mind that for shorter people, it may be worth opting for petite gym leggings instead. That’s because 7/8 leggings tend to run a little long, which means that they may be oversized on some people. With that in mind, it’s always worth trying on a few pairs until you figure out what works for you.


The Best Cropped Gym Leggings

Struggling to find your perfect pair of cropped workout leggings? We have some shopping inspiration for you right here. Here at The Sports Edit, we stock some of the leading brands of gym clothing, many of which offer short gym leggings to suit your needs. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights now:

Combining a sporty look with quick drying performance fabric, Nike Yoga Gingham Crop Leggings are ideal for even the sweatiest of workouts. These come complete with a high waist, v-shape back, and even pockets. The tight fit gives a body-hugging sensation and means that you feel comfortable and supported at all times.

If you’re looking for a pair that combines fashion with function, you won’t go far wrong with the Girlfriend Collective Compressive High Waisted Capri Legging. These offer a compressive fit and a four-way stretch, which means that they move with you no matter what you’re doing. As an added bonus, you also get the internal waistband pocket, which means that you can carry your keys or trinkets with ease.

With a contouring and smoothing effect, the Alo Yoga High Waisted Airlift Capri leggings are ideal if you want to get that perfect silhouette. The eye-catching gloss effect gives these leggings a pop-style look—you can wear them to brunch, while running errands, or to your next spin class. The choice is yours!

Featuring a classic high waisted look and SmoothTech fabric, the Lilybod Lolah Pocket Leggings are always a popular choice. These Capri gym leggings have a super simple style but also include minute screen printed details that make them look extra special. It doesn’t end there. The Lilybod cropped sports leggings also have a side pocket for your essentials and a laser cut leg.


The Takeaway!

Adding cropped gym leggings to your wardrobe is always a savvy move! Our guide has everything that you need to know about how to choose the perfect pair. Why not take the time to browse some of the Capri sports leggings we have available at The Sports Edit now? You might just find the right fit for you.