Top 5 London Studios for getting fit and strong

Best London fitness studios

Personal Trainer, TSE ambassador and KIN co-founder Kyle Maslen gives us the lowdown on his favourite London fitness studios for each and every aspect of his training.

From dynamic cardio and weights to music-led conditioning, there’s a class out there for you!

Reshape 1Rebel

WHAT: Circuits
WHERE: Reshape at 1Rebel

Reshape at 1Rebel is one of my favourite types of workouts, as it combines both strength-based conditioning and cardio training. The trainers there all know their stuff and have such big personalities, so it’s a really fun, motivational way to focus on improving your strength and fitness.

Ministry Does Fitness

WHAT: Metabolic Conditioning
WHERE: Ministry Does Fitness

Ministry Does Fitness is an amazing venue to train at because music is everything! When you combine good music with training you can really push yourself to the next level. These classes are something you’ll really look forward to, which makes it so much easier to workout and get the job done. When you make fitness this fun, it becomes a positive way of life and not just something you do because you’re think you should!

Third Space gym

WHAT: Weight Training
WHERE: Third Space

London’s Third Space gyms are where I go to focus on purely strength training. They have some of the best training equipment around and other great facilities including a swimming pool, steam room and sauna (which are great for relaxing and recovering after a heavy session) and the staff in all the venues are so friendly. They also have a Natural Fitness Food on most sites, so make sure to grab a KIN smoothie and yummy lunch for the ultimate post-training reward.

Psycle London

WHAT: Spinning
WHERE: Psycle

Spinning was never a particular favourite of mine, but I hated leg day in the gym, so have always included at least one spinning session per week into my training. Spinning is a great way to help maintain or improve leg strength. I ensur I’m always working at a high resistance so all lower body and core muscle groups are really fired up, turned on and being worked hard. Fortunately there are now some amazing spinning studios in London, which have helped motivate my previously reluctant weekly sessions. I particularly Love Psycle because of the special connection between the trainers and the room - they always give such positive encouragement and make sure no ones left behind. You truly leave the studio feeling like a team.

1Rebel Rumble boxing

WHAT: Boxing
WHERE: Rumble at 1Rebel

I really enjoy boxing and use it to fire up my core muscles as well as torching fat and keeping my heart rate elevated. Boxing is such a great way to keep pushing your cardiovascular fitness, with an added element of strength and coordination to keep it interesting. Rumble at 1Rebel is my favourite dynamic boxing class; the music is great and the instructors are so motivational.

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