Most inspiring fitness retreats of 2017

Work - eat - train - repeat. It can be a predictable process. Unknowingly, we keep doing the same things, but expect different results.

To help you BE: your best self yet, we’ve teamed up with TURASÓIR to provide you with inspiring travel ideas for 2017. From hunter-gathering in Zanzibar to beach bootcamp in Ibiza, we have a trip for you. So you can play, work hard, push your limits, conquer, make new friends and have amazing experiences.

Thought you'd been there, done that? Not quite...

Inspiring fitness retreats

BE: Unreachable

Remember that feeling when something left you in complete awe? Now times that by a hundred. It’s hard to describe the wondrous beauty of the Atacama Desert in Chile, lesser known than it’s famous Patagonia sister. Trek, hike, yoga, bike across salt plains, red mountains, and blue lagoons. You’re not trespassing, don’t worry, the hotel you stay at has the utmost respect for its surroundings and plays a key role in preserving it.

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BE: Insightful

Have you ever wondered why your strength circuits have you energised but endurance work knocks the wind out of you? Do you know your optimal recovery time to get the most out of your workouts? A fitness retreat with DNA testing, in Ibiza allows you to turn inward using science and personal attention, learn about what your body responds to, the optimal way to train yourself and eat right. Set in Ibiza's ME hotel, when you do get the chance to chill out and kick back, it's to chilled out beats poolside, or a snooze in the finest Egyptian cotton.

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BE: Creative

Take your yoga practice to the rolling hills of Tuscany and Umbria this summer. Muck around with canvas and paint to tickle your creative side, and ponder the Renaissance in Sienna and Florence with an art history expert. A yoga retreat isn't all green juice and pretzel wannabes, it can be beautiful, creative, inspiring, indulgent and nourishing, all in like-minded company.

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BE: Adventurous

Barefoot running, climbing trees, swimming coral reefs, channelize into your hunter-gatherer skills on Zanzibar Island, as you re-familiarize yourself with natural movement. No gym equipment in sight, just white sandy beaches and tropical jungle.

Get introduced to a different kind of fitness, one where your mind and body move comfortably in sync, your nutrition evolves, resulting in a long lasting change.

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BE: Real

A humble, self-sustainable, private island in Greece, you practice in a shala overlooking the Aegean Sea, as the intuitive teachers guide you from one level to the next. Hang out, like it’s no big deal, a private island shared with merely 10 people. Whiling away afternoons snorkelling or kayaking, saying hello to the resident seals. With no Wi-Fi on the island this is a week to tune out and tune in.

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BE: Cool

Ibiza, sunglasses on, sweating, legs working hard, heart beating fast, good music, 7am, nope you’ve not just been partying all night – this is your morning beach bootcamp. That’s the kettlebell swings, they’ve got you feeling like that. Ibiza is one of the hottest destinations for hedonism and for fitness; it’s all about balance right?

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