Lomax Picks: All I want for Christmas...

From fitness tips and workout wish lists, to the things you never thought to ask... get to know the Personal Trainers behind our Fulham Road neighbours and Chelsea’s favourite studio, Lomax.

Name: Maria Sam

Instagram: @bienestar.co

What are your Christmas Plans this year:
Going skiing in the Swiss Alps this year with friends and family

3 Random Facts about you:
- I'm an Olympic Lifting coach
- I have lived in six different countries
- I have a Latvian passport, English Diploma, Spanish Driving Licence and speak Turkish

What makes you sweat most:
Clean and Press!

Favourite brand at The Sports Edit:
Adidas x Stella McCartney because it's comfy and stylish, so it can be worn as lifestyle as well as for exercising.

Top of your Christmas Wish List:
All Adidas by Stella McCartney please! I particularly love the Run Tank from the latest collection.

Maria's Wish List

Maria Sam Lomax Personal Trainer

Name: Will Mather

Instagram: @william_pt

What are your Christmas Plans this year:
Spending quality time with family and eat lots of mince pies

What are 3 Random Facts about you:
- I like mince pies
- I can play the saxophone
- I can get to level 13 on the bleep test

What makes you sweat:
Boxing is my favourite type of exercise as it helps release aggression... whilst keeping me in shape!

Favourite brand and why:
Spiritual Gangster is my favourite because the clothes are so comfortable and stylish and Under Armour for best performance under foot

Will's Wish List