Brand obsession: Get to know Ultracor

Ultracor leggings uk

Words by Charlotte Watts

Ultracor is in the house! America's cult activewear label has landed in the UK at The Sports Edit, for the most anticipated sportswear launch of the season. With a notorious 500 person waiting list for their classic Stars Legging, we’re here to fill you in on the story behind the hype.

Founded in 2014 in LA by Michael Ball, pro cyclist and denim industry veteran, the brand offers a unique combination of luxury, fashion, performance and sportswear. Ball himself describes the brand as ‘exploring the fine line where fashion meets fitness’, which suits The Sports Edit's ethos just right. The premium fabrics used are not only designed to perform under pressure and help you smash your fitness goals, they will also enhance and accentuate the shape and contours of the female form. This winning 'wear everywhere' combination of performance and aesthetics makes these dazzling styles just as at home at the weights rack as at your local bar. Now that's activewear worth investing in.

Ultracor black stars

While the classic stars print is the most recognisable style, the advanced technology used to create this premium pieces runs across each and every style. All the leggings are flat fronted, sweat-wicking and feature ACT (anti-camel toe technology, if you hadn’t worked that one out) to help you avoid any distracting wardrobe malfunctions during your workout (or night out). Next generation digital printing produces the deepest, most saturated colours in the market today. Finally, the leggings have all been specifically tailored to lift the butt, engage the core and flatten the tummy, pulling you in in all the right places.

With stars like Vanessa Hudgens, Shay Mitchell and Alexia Clarke championing the brand on the regular, it's likely you've already spotted the sell-out stars leggings on your news feed. Fortunately for UK fans, the stars print now comes in a variety of different colourways, including shiny black and iridescent. Lightning bolts, camo and side stripes also debut in Ultracor's summer capsule.

Ultracor Lightning Bolt


When I first got them out of the packaging I could instantly feel how soft they were. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the softness of the material doesn't cause it to lose pigment as it stretches out, like some other copycat brands. This goes for the printed stars too - no amount of stretching affected the appearance. The opacity of the leggings doesn't waiver either, no matter how much your bend or move. Each style was 100% squat-proof in the mirror, with no sign of underwear or skin tone through the fabric.

The tights also come with an extra lining inside, which acts like a seamless pair of knickers, giving the option to go commando with these while still feeling protected and comfortable. BUT if you don't fancy forgoing the underwear just yet, then the extra lining works well as protection against VPLs.

The high waistband falls at the perfect place - just high enough to flatten the stomach, but not so high and tight that you feel restricted (i.e. you will still be able to breathe!).

The bottom of the leggings around the ankle is also something to take note of. The ankles are seamless so have no stitched hem. The feel completely smooth and secure from legging to foot, with no uncomfortable digging in or seam marks left on the skin.

Now for the part I was most intrigued to test - the ACT (anti-camel toe technology). I can confirm feature this 100% works. I tried angling my legs at any direction possible and the front seam still stayed flat with no camel toe in sight... very impressive!

Whilst I've always loved the aesthetic of Ultracor, I now completely appreciate what all the fuss is about after putting them to the test. It is the most flattering premium, and performance-led kit I have tried. But don't just take my word for it... come and try a pair on for yourself!

Ultracor activewear and leggings UK