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adidas by Stella McCartney Ultra Boost Trainer Review

By Charlie Watson, aka @therunnerbeans

To say I’m a fan of the Stella McCartney adidas Ultra Boost is an understatement.

I own six pairs of the bad boys, including the most recent addition, the rose gold adidas by Stella McCartney edition. So let's take a deep dive into this Stella McCartney Ultra Boost review.

adidas by stella mccartney ultra boost gold

The ultimate crossover between fashion kicks and running shoes

For me, these Stella McCartney Ultraboost trainers just a fashion shoe (although any sign of rain and the gold pair will be going back in the cupboard), they are a very practical running shoe.

I’ve completed four marathons wearing various versions of the adidas Ultra Boost over the years, and have never had so much as a blister.

Putting spring in your step

I love the Boost technology for its bounce and springiness. As a heel striker, I feel protection from the road, the cushioning on every stride, and this is where this neutral Ultraboost Stella McCartney shoe really shines.

The rebound from the road is unmistakable in the Stella Ultra Boost. They literally put spring in your step, delivering the highest energy return in any running product currently available, with thousands of ‘energy capsules’ (specially formulated foam pellets that store and redirect energy) in the midsole.

Meanwhile the sole is made from the same material as Continental tyres - if it’s good enough for cars, then I’m pretty sure my road mileage has nothing to worry about!

How do they fit?

I find the shoes come up smallish, despite the stretchy Primeknit upper; I usually opt for a 6.5 as opposed to my usual 6, especially when I’m wearing them over long distances.

You want the extra space for your toes to move around, so that they don’t hit the end of the toe box as you hit the ground.

Once you’ve found the right size shoe, it should fit like a glove, or a sock might be more appropriate. I’d still recommend wearing socks with them to avoid rubbing, not to mention the smell if they get a lot of wear.

However, if you need to slip your gold beauties on to head to yoga, then don’t stress if you can’t find a matching pair. One thing I'm sure of, these will sell out fast. Too see if there are any left, shop Ultra Boost here.

Or shop the range of adidas by Stella McCartney Ultraboost Shoes

Charlie Watson is a marathon runner and fitness junkie from London, who writes the blog Her blog aims to 'pace the way to healthy without missing out on any of the fun'.