Meet Your Run Coach: Ally Gray

From the wild hills of Scotland to the streets of London, Ally Gray's been running, cycling, and building a community of health enthusiasts around him wherever he goes. Founder of Limitless LDN, avid cyclist, and part-time yogi, Ally works with people to uncover their potential whether they're one-on-one personal training with him or running in a group together (like we'll be doing tomorrow evening!). Read on to meet Ally.

QDid you have a ‘eureka’ moment where you became a runner?

Running is something I think I started before I could crawl, so it's always been a big part of my life. No 'eureka' moment for me that I can think of.

QFavourite London run?

My favourite London run is a recent outing on a Thursday evening with the Limitless LDN crowd. Central London round St James Park, Hyde Park, Regents Park, then straight to Camden Brewery in North London to refuel.

QFavourite non-London run?
The Great Glen Way in Scotland. The descent into Inverness at the end is beautiful.
QWhat do you think about if you hit the wall while exercising?
There's always someone in a far worse position in life at that moment than me. Get on with it.
QFavourite way to recover post-run?
Epsom salt bath.
QWhat kind of coach are you?
We'll let the people decide this one, but I always try to be nice. ;)
QWhat can people expect when they go for a run with you?
Every run should be fun.

Ready to get your run on? Join Ally tomorrow (Wednesday, May 18) for an all-levels NARC run at 6:30 pm. Meet at The Sports Edit (172 Fulham Road SW10 9PR), where you can lock up your stuff while we hit the pavement.