Meet Your Run Coach: Stephen Adjaidoo

A few years ago, Stephen Adjaidoo never thought he'd run a marathon. Fast forward to 2016, and he's run 5 in two years in addition to founding LDN Brunch Club, a run community that celebrates food just as much as sport. He's also become certified as a run coach, and we're pumped to have him as one of our Not Another Run Club's coaches to share his wisdom and love of running with us. Keep reading to get to know Stephen.

QFavourite London run?

I live in East London so Victoria Park and the Olympic Park are my local parks. It’s hard not to be inspired running around the Olympic Park. When I have time to venture further afield, Richmond Park and Hampstead Heath are firm favourites.

QFavourite non-London run?

A run in Oslo along the canals and through the forest to the huge Skjennungen Lake was definitely one to remember. Running around New York’s Central Park to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. And the Tokyo Marathon -- probably the furthest place I’ve travelled to run. Signing up for the marathon ballot, I didn’t think there was a chance I’d get a spot but I was lucky and the marathon was a great excuse to finally visit Japan.

QDid you have a ‘eureka’ moment where you became a runner?

I’d say my moment came sometime after my third half marathon when I decided to enter my first marathon. Before that point, I really didn’t see completing a marathon as something I would ever be able to achieve. I remember thinking after my first half marathon that there was no way I could get myself around the course again.

QWhat do you think about if you hit the wall on a marathon?

I’ve hit the wall to differing extents on all my marathons. I think generally, whenever any race starts to get hard (they all do at some point!) I think about what I might be doing after the race, maybe how I might be celebrating. I think being able to picture the finish and think about how you will feel when you finish really helps.

QBeing a brunch connoisseur, favourite London brunch item?

Pancakes are generally my go-to but I’m always on the lookout for something a bit different. At home, you can’t beat avo and eggs on sourdough.

stephen adjaidoo bridge running

QFavourite way to recover post-run?

At LDN Brunch Club we finish all our runs with brunch. We generally run long distance so we split based on ability/pace but the brunch at the end is a great way to get everyone together, socialise and share ideas and stories. I don’t think there’s a better way to finish a run.

QIn three words, what kind of coach are you?

Experimental, fun & organised.

QWhat can people expect when they go for a run with you?

Expect to meet someone new and expect to learn something new. Personally, I don’t like running with a bunch of strangers. Eye contact, a smile and simple hello is all it takes to break the ice. “Remember that every good friend was once a stranger”.

From a coaching perspective, I’d really like everyone leaving one of my runs to feel like they learnt something or found out something new. Anything from individual advice on running technique to learning a new dynamic move to throw into a warm up or a new post-run stretch.

Stephen's one of our run leaders at Not Another Run Club, our all-levels run group that meets every Wednesday at 6:30pm at 172 Fulham Road. Join our Meetup group for up-to-date info, and see you on a Wednesday soon!