Top 5 fitness moves to sharpen your mind

Top fitness move to sharpen your mind and body

A paradigm shift is happening.

Men are now realising that training purely for aesthetics isn’t sustainable and is limiting their training.

Sure, we like to look good, but looking good is merely a side-effect of feeling great and at our best.

We feel great when we’re focused, energised and mentally sharp.

Professor Daniel Wolpert, a neuroscientist at Cambridge University said the following:

“We have a brain for one reason and for one reason only. To produce adaptable and complex movements”

Movement is the answer! It is why in my training at the Brotherhood Training Club, we prioritise learning skills and enhancing athletic ability. It is the way to unleash our cognitive performance, never mind an athletic physique.

Here are 5 great moves you can begin to learn today, to light up your brain and improve your athleticism:

Pull Ups - how to

1. Muscle Up

We love the muscle up. However, it’s easy to make a mess of these. As with all movements and skills we teach in the Brotherhood, it’s about making this as CLEAN as possible. The process alone is enough to generate a huge amount of body awareness, that fires up the brain on the way to performing a skill that will have you at the envy of others.

Top tip: If you're new to this move, pull up as far as you can without overstraining your neck or shoulders. Lower down slowly, for complete control.

How to do a handstand

2. Handstand

Balance, control and once again, a huge amount of body awareness. The freestanding handstand is always something to marvel at. Starting to learn these is addictive. Even the most skilled hand balancers are continually refining and searching for improvement. It’s this mindset that unites both beginners and advanced practitioners.

(New to inversions? Check out our beginner's guide to headstands)

L Sit exercise

3. L Sit

Head to toe strength is required here. You’ll discover this once you begin to learn how to do them. Start learning this move and you’ll wonder why you’ve been wasting your time doing endless crunches.

Top tip: if you're new to this move, use handlebars that are higher off the ground and try to raise your legs. Remember to keep your torso still and engage your abs to lift - not your back!

4. Jump Rope

Just try telling Mike Tyson skipping is for the school playground. Rhythm and co-ordination is developed hugely here. These are aspects of training that most guys neglect and forget about. Not only that, this will get your heart rate up in no time. It’s way more fun than running too.

5. 3x Clap Press Up

A fine demonstration of explosive power. Push yourself up to generate some airtime and clap in front, behind your back and in front again before landing. Take ‘International Chest Day’ up a notch by learning this move.

It’s not performing these moves that will fire up your brain and enhance your cognitive capabilities. It’s beginning the journey of learning a new skill, that starts to create new signals in the brain and ultimately, new adaptations in the body.

In the Brotherhood, we recommend that you pick one skill and focus on nailing that, before picking your next skill.

Which one do you want to master?