Home Workouts: Get FiiT In Your Living Room

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The global COVID-19 outbreak means many of us will be confined to our homes for a matter of weeks or months. In response to the news, ClassPass is allowing current members to ‘pause’ their membership for three months, until 1st June 2020. But wait a minute, how are you going to stay fighting fit in the meantime?

We might have the answer. Joining FiiT means that you have access to loads of online classes you can join in real-time without leaving your living room. Sounds good, right? Here’s everything you need to know about the service and why you should try it.

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What is FiiT?

Let’s start with the basics. FiiT (and the FiiT app) brings gym classes to your living room. The Premium service gives you access to more than 500 virtual fitness sessions lead by some of the best-known instructors in the world. You can choose from strength training, HIIT, yoga, mobility flows, combat, and so much more.

When you’re signed up, you can get started. While there are live online classes, you will also have the chance to follow two to 10 weeks dedicated fitness programs. As you train, track your progress using a compatible wearable device. Currently, you can pair the FiiT app with dedicated FiiT devices, Apple Watches, Polar H10s, Garmin HR Monitors, MyZones, Move HR Burn devices, OrangeTheory devices, and the F45 Lionheart.

fiit club

FiiT Club

Let your competitive side run wild with Fiit Club. Available for Premium members only, this community feature means you can test your mettle against friends online. The FiiT app has classes scheduled throughout the daily (just like your regular gym). You can log on and join them as you please.

As you work out against the rest of the class, you can track your progress by looking at the leaderboard. And don’t panic — the scores aren’t based on fitness. Instead, you are rated on your effort level. That means that newcomers have a chance to get started and win.

FiiT Pricing

If you’re thinking of signing up to FiiT Premium, you’ll be pleased to know that the pricing is super easy to understand. There’s a 14-day free trial for new members, which means that you can give it a whirl and see what you think ahead of time. After that, you have three different pricing options, depending on the commitment you make:

  • Pay monthly for £20 per month
  • Pay quarterly for £15 per month (£45 one-time payment)
  • Pay annually for £10 per month (£120 one-time payment)

Not sure which payment to choose? Needless to say, the more months you pay for in one payment, the more you will save. However, if you’re looking for a low-commitment offer, taking the £20 per month package is still excellent value for money.

Best Training Plans on FiiT

Ready to raise your fitness game? The FiiT app offers dedicated training plans that suit your personal health journey. To get started, you simply need to download the app and then choose one of the plans that suits your fitness level and goals. Easy!

Fiit cardio plan

Hiit & Cardio Plans

Staying in doesn’t mean that you can’t embark on a serious cardio workout. There are plenty of HIIT and cardio plans on the FiiT app that you may want to try for yourself. Head to the ‘Lose Weight’ section within ‘Training Plans’ to find your favourite.

The training programs include an initial benchmark class that will test your fitness level. That means that you can track your progress from the start to the end of the training plan with ease. Let’s take a quick look at one of the best cardio training plans here.

The six-week plan is all about burning the maximum amount of calories during each session. When you get started with it, you will get both 25 and 40-minute classes tailored to your fitness level. You will take four classes a week for six weeks. Expert circuits, lower body work, and endurance classes. Build strength, work hard, and burn those calories.

fiit strength

Strength Plans

Next up, the FiiT app also has some excellent strength plans. If you’re hoping to tone up and improve your muscular fitness, taking one of these courses will help you reach your goals. Head to the ‘Build Muscle’ and ‘General’ sections in ‘Training Plans’ to get started.

Real Strength is a six-week plan that helps you tone up and strengthen your muscles from head to toe. With this one, you will also need to take four classes per week over a six-week period. You can expect endurance classes, yoga sessions, and even lower body strength as part of the program. Each week, unlock new classes along the way.

Looking for fast results? The Super FiiT training program could be the answer. Again, this is a six-week program with a mixture of 25 and 40-minute classes. The intense program includes intervals, ab-based workouts, and full body sessions. Why not give it a go?

fiit yoga

Yoga & Pilates Plans

Starting your yoga or Pilates journey? You can use the FiiT app for that too. Aside from cardio and strength-based plans, the Premium service also boasts a few effective yogic plans. Head to the ‘Flexibility’ section of ‘Training Plans’ to find the right one for you. If you’re struggling to choose, here are two of our favourites.

Movement Master is one of the best training plans on FiiT. The six-week program aims to give you a better range of motion, more flexibility and boost your mental focus. The 25 and 40-minute classes are a combination of mobility flow, yoga, and Pilates. Essentially, that means that you get a truly varied workout each and every time you log on.

Designed by Pilates pro, Lottie Murphy, this four-week plan helps you build core strength and also improves your posture and coordination. It includes two to three classes a week over the course of the program, each aimed at improving your flexibility. The first week takes you through the foundations of Pilates and you build your experience from there.

fiit breathe

Meditation Plans

Staying healthy isn’t just about your physical health—you need to tend to your mental health too. That’s where meditation comes into play. With the FiiT app, you get access to the amazing ‘Breathe’ training plan. Here’s what you need to know about getting started.

Breathwork expert, Richie Bostock, takes you through the basics of this six-week course. Each week, you will take part in two to three classes which will help you reduce your stress levels and clear your thinking. Not only will this program help you find your inner zen, but it will also help you improve your performance by learning how to control your breath.

Our Favourite Instructors on FiiT

One of the features that sets FiiT apart from competitors is the fact that it’s lead by world-renowned fitness instructors. Each trainer is an expert in their own field. That means that you get access to leading training advice at the touch of a button. With that in mind, here’s a rundown of our favourite instructors on the FiiT app.

Cardio and Strength Instructors

gede foster

FiiT’s official Head of Fitness, Gede Foster is certainly worth looking out for. The advanced Pilates instructor, personal trainer, dancer, and postnatal expert delivers an array of sessions. Build strength, perfect your technique, and grow in confidence.

adrienne herbert

Want to make fitness a part of your everyday routine? Adrienne Herbert, global Adidas ambassador and personal trainer, has the answer. You can expect high-energy cardio and strength workouts to lift your mood and keep you on track.

kim ngo

Personal trainer and official Nike trainer, Kim Ngo offers challenging workouts that will test your fitness level to the max. With a unique combination of strength training and innovative moves, you can expect a full-body session every single time.

courtney fearon

Nike trainer, former professional sprinter, and boxing instructor, Courtney Fearon will help you get your athletic game on track. Expect powerful workouts that demand high-energy and supreme focus. Take your power game to the next level.

charlie launder

Charlie Launder is the founder of Bumps & Burpees, but her astounding resume doesn’t end there. She’s also a gymnastics champion and a postnatal fitness expert. Join her on the FiiT app for core strengthening exercises as well as motherhood-centric sessions.

Yoga & Pilates Instructors

cat meffan

Teaching a rainbow-variety of yoga styles, Cat Meffan is a 500-hour qualified yoga instructor and wellness blogger. As a former professional dancer, she knows what it takes to keep your body in check and fighting fit. Expect power-up and unwind classes here.

charlotte holmes

You might recognise Charlotte Holmes from MTV Beach Body SOS, as she was a trainer on the popular show. The fitness model and personal trainer to the stars is here to help you build muscle, boost body confidence, and improve your balance. Simple.

lottie murphy

Lottie Murphy can help you improve your strength and supercharge your cardio training. The renowned Pilates teacher brings with her a philosophy of balance, positivity, and keeping things as simple. Learn how to gain better movement control.

chris magee

Chris Magee is a martial artist and personal trainer with 990 hours of yoga training under his belt. Teaching a variety of styles, including Hatha, Vinyasa, Rocket and Acro-Yoga, you can expect a diverse range of sessions from this pro.

Meditation Instructors

richie bostock

One of the world’s leading experts in breathwork, Richie Bostock will show you how to breathe correctly and reduce your stress levels. Learning how to control your breath can lead to higher energy, better sleep, and so many more healthy benefits.

The Takeaway!

FiiT is a super convenient way to take part in expert-led fitness sessions without leaving your home. If you’re stuck at home during this period, it could be the ideal time to give it a whirl for yourself. What’s more, with the free trial, you can try before you buy. Give it a go!