Gorpcore Approved Hiking Shoes for Any Adventure

Cottagecore, normcore and now…gorpcore?

Even if you haven’t heard the term ‘gorpcore’ there is no doubt that you have seen gorpcore fashion featured on all your favourite celebs, on social media and maybe already in your own wardrobe.

This is a fashion trend that was made popular a few years ago and with the winter rolling back around, this trend is only set to make another huge comeback.

So, whether you’re just a fan of this fashion style or you’re the actual outdoorsy type, we have created this expert guide to the best hiking shoes that we know the Gorpcore enthusiasts would approve of. We’ll take a look at the form and function of these shoes, but if you’re after technical specifics, check out our trail running shoe guide.

Keep reading to find which gorpcore hiking and walking shoes made the cut.


What is Gorpcore?

The gorpcore meaning is pretty simple, despire its unusual name. Essentially, it is outdoor wear that is specifically designed for hiking, camping and adventurous activities. However, people are now taking these pieces and wearing them as streetwear instead.

This fashion trend emerged in early 2020 and has only grown in popularity. Even celebrities have taken to wearing puffer jackets, fleeces and even gorpcore shoes such as hiking boots as part of their everyday style.

What is GORE-TEX?

GORE-TEX is a highly technical type of waterproof material that is a running theme featured in many gorpcore clothing items.

GORE-TEX is a synthetic waterproof fabric that protects against water and air. The material basically repels liquid which means that the clothing item will remain dry. It’s the gold standard for all things waterproof. Its highly durable, water and windproof nature make it perfectly suited for the outdoor adventurer.

This material is often found in hiking boots and trail shoes, however, it may also be featured in coats and jackets too.

Best GORE-TEX Trail Shoes

Whether you’re actually planning a hike or simply love this trend, finding the best trail shoes is never easy.

There are seemingly endless options to choose from and when investing in a new pair of shoes, getting a pair that lasts should always be a priority. Use the list below to simply pick the shoes you like the most and head out on your adventure!

HOKA Anacapa 2 Low

The Anacapa 2 Low trail running shoes by HOKA are crafted in a way to remain stylish whilst also being extremely functional.

Made from recycled yarn mesh and 30% sugarcane, even the eco-conscious explorers will love these shoes.

At first glance, you'll find that these do not look like your traditional trail shoes, however, these shoes will not let you down. The waterproof leather and invisible fit technology will keep your feet dry no matter which terrain or weather you encounter. They also feature an abrasion-resistant toe cap for ultimate support! Could it get any more impressive?

Nike Pegasus Trail 4

These Nike trail running shoes are set to become your new best friend. The Pegasus Trail 4 GORE-TEX is made for adventure seekers in need of a shoe that will go the extra mile.

If you’re a lover of off-the-beaten-path routes where you can push your running capabilities then having a pair of these shoes in your wardrobe is a must.

Featuring a sleek design and less rubber in the outsole, these shoes work hard to make sure you never have to break your stride and you can smash your personal best time and time again.

HOKA Challenger 7

From city streets to mountain peaks, the HOKA Challenger 7 is made to adapt to any terrain.

The main feature of these shoes is that HOKA have used an invisible fit technology which makes these shoes unmatched when it comes to weather protection.

It is also worth mentioning that these shoes are eco-friendly! Made from recycled materials, by purchasing these shoes you will not only be treating yourself but the planet too!

HOKA Anacapa 2

A statement piece if we've ever seen one. Be prepared for all the off-road challenges with the HOKA Anacapa 2. Bringing everything good about the Anacapa 2 Low while offering greater ankle support for those technical terrains.

If sustainability is important to you then these may be the shoes for you. Crafted with recycled yarn meshes and sugar cane, you can feel confident in knowing that you are doing something great for the planet.

These shoes also feature a sturdy rubber toe cap and waterproof leather that is constructed to keep your feet both warm and dry.

Best Versatile Hiking Shoes

Not quite found what you’re looking for? Here are our best versatile hiking shoes.

Columbia Facet 75

If you’re looking for a pair of waterproof hiking shoes for women then you should seriously consider getting yourself a pair of Columbia Facet 75’s (before they sell out).

These shoes are what we like to call an “all rounder.” They have a perfect blend of durability, stability, and eco-friendly cushioning. Plus, as they feature a comfortable plush cushioning sole, these shoes are surprisingly lightweight.

Adidas Terrex AX4

If you’re looking for waterproof trail running shoes, you’ll be happy to know that the adidas Terrex AX4 has exceeded expectations with these hiking shoes that are ready for any adventure.

Protective in size but lightweight in feel, these shoes offer rugged support that you can always count on.

The thick rubber outsoles will help you concur anything that the day throws at you. All you have to do? Lace up and head out on your day with unparalleled confidence.

Columbia Peakfreak II

While a sweaty hike is great for the mind, sweaty feet are one of life's most miserable feelings, right? However, with the Columbia Peakfreak II that will no longer be a problem.

These hiking shoes have a breathable waterproof mesh lining to keep your feet cool in hot weather conditions. Additionally, just by taking one look at these shoes, you can tell that they are made to last.


Trail Shoes:

Nike Pegasus Trail 4

We all know that Nike knows how to do footwear well. So, is it any surprise that the Pegasus Trail 4 is a standout piece on our gorpcore list?

The Pegasus Trail 4 is the ultimate crossroads where form and function meet. They feature underfoot traction which helps you to seamlessly transition from everyday errands to trail running, and hiking mountains.

If you don’t have a need for waterproof properties, these are a great option. For those rainy day adventures, why not try the Pegasus Trail 4 GORE-TEX.

Versatile. Consistent. Durable. Nike only continues to impress.

adidas Eastrail 2 Mid

Rain will never be an issue when you have a pair of adidas Eastrail 2 Mid hiking shoes. These shoes are equipped for all of the elements. While wearing them, your feet will remain both warm and dry whilst also being cushioned by the flexible midsole.

Plus, there will be no need to watch your step as you’ll feel consistently supported by the grippy outsole.


Key Takeaways

Gorpcore is definitely a bold trend. Some people love it. Others think hiking shoes should be kept for their original purpose. But life itself is an adventure, right? So, why not have a pair of shoes that you can always rely on?

Personally, we love it when a practical trend takes over. Plus, with the UK winter weather, having a pair of durable shoes that keep your feet dry and warm is always appreciated.

Also, when paired with one of our puffer jackets, you can officially become a part of the gorpcore clan.