Five New Fitness Trends to Discover for Spring 2021

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Words by DOSE guest contributor Helena Holdsworth

Wellness experts DOSE share the fitness trends they’re loving this Spring to help you hack your happiness…

The ongoing pandemic has dramatically changed the fitness industry. The months spent in lockdown have forced us to slow down and transform the way we exist. The Global Wellness Summit has predicted a Self-Care Renaissance - the merging of healthcare and wellness, whereby a more holistic approach to medicine will be adopted with a greater focus on overall lifestyle. Indeed, this pandemic has increased our awareness of how crucial exercise and wellbeing is for both our physical and mental health.

With the rise of people from all age groups and parts of society showing a newfound interest in the fitness industry, innovative movements are emerging and proving popular. Read on to discover the five new fitness trends DOSE predicts for Spring 2021.


The power of scent is a valuable pathway into hacking our happiness and managing our mood. When inhaled, essential oils are able to affect our brain’s limbic system, which is responsible for our emotions, memory and even learning abilities. The power of scent therefore is a valuable pathway into looking after ourselves, with Global Market Insights predicting the essential oil industry to reach $15 billion by 2026. This natural mood enhancer is our secret weapon for Spring this year. Whether it’s a spritz of energy for a motivation hit, or a mist of mellowness to help unlock our inner yogi and zen out, essential oils are our chosen rescue remedy.


This year’s Global Wellness Summit highlighted the powerful benefits of breathwork as a health tool. The report stated that “breathwork used to sit squarely in the woo-woo side of wellness, but today top medical schools agree that how we breathe has a profound impact on our physical and mental health”. Seemingly 2021 has already seen the Wim Hof Method (involving the three pillars of Breathwork, Cold therapy and Commitment) trend virally in the recent weeks. We won’t be surprised to see more innovative breath technology, awareness, parties and festivals appearing as breathwork rises in status and popularity.

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With the weather warming, up we’re embracing the great outdoors and taking our workouts outside. Despite gyms and studio spaces being set to reopen within the upcoming months, many of us may still feel anxious when exercising in enclosed spaces with questionable hygiene standards, especially during peak hour periods.

The outdoors promises boundless areas of open space, with clean and fresh air, minus the membership fee. Grab some trainers, get outside, and soak up some immune boosting Vitamin D.


Stream and train is the new Netflix and chill. With the rise of online workouts, virtual fitness platforms are only going to get smarter and sleeker this Spring. Offering indispensable flexibility within our busy working weeks, online sessions can be completed by anyone, anytime, anywhere. We no longer have the excuse not to fit a workout into our day, with the bounteous workouts available for all ages, abilities and budgets.

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The rise of employees working from home has led to an influx of Zoom meetings and endless screen time. Increased periods spent online and in front of a screen can lead to severe eye strain and fatigue. Ready to give your eyes some much needed tender loving care?

Why not try eye yoga, the upcoming fitness trend for screen time relief and relaxation, while simultaneously strengthening and improving your eyesight, all in under five minutes. Just like our bodies, our eyes contain muscles that need exercising. One of the easiest movements is eye rolling: Simply rotate your eyes once in a clockwise motion, then in an anticlockwise motion and repeat 2 - 4 times through. This is your sign to stop scrolling and practice some eye yoga ‘poses’!