Should You Get a Deep Tissue or Sports Massage?

what is deep tissue massage

Experiencing muscle tightness, or find yourself fighting to release muscle knots? If you can’t get that niggly knot out of your muscles no matter what you try, it’s time to bring in the professionals – you need a deep tissue massage. Having a massage is not only a relaxing treat for yourself, it brings restorative benefits to your muscles circulation.

Whether you're looking to recover after exercise or unwind after a stressful period, your body will thank you for a little massage therapy. But what are the defined benefits of massage therapy and what type of massage should you get? Read on to find out.


There’s a wealth of research that shows that massages keep you well physically and mentally. Any one treatment can provide a whole host of benefits. Some of the benefits of having a massage include:

  • Easing muscle tension
  • Promoting blood flow
  • Working out knots
  • Speeding up muscle recovery
  • Relieving stress
  • Boosting your mood

The type of massage you end up going for is a matter of preference, and is ultimately led by what results you're hoping to achieve. You’re always free to set the pressure during your treatment just by asking your practitioner.

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benefits of deep tissue massage


A deep tissue massage uses slow, driving motions and deep pressure to ease tension and help aching muscles recover.

Deep tissue massages work by boosting blood flow and oxygenating your muscles to help you recover faster. The deep pressure also works out tight knots.

Typically, they’re full body treatments, although your therapist will start by asking you if there are any areas you’d like them to focus on. Therapists use a combination of massage techniques throughout, working with the palms of their hands, forearms, fists, knuckles and elbows.

Deep tissue massages are great for helping you regain range of motion. They’re most effective:

  • After a day of exercise
  • When your muscles feel tight from repetitive motions
  • When your back feels stiff from bad posture

You might like deep tissue massage purely because you find the stronger pressure relaxing. In that sense, it’s also a treatment for clearing your head and easing stress and anxiety.

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benefits of sports massage


A sports massage treats conditions that arise from intense exercise, like muscle tightness and fatigue. Athletes swear by them as a way to recover faster ahead of another day’s training. They’re also a good way to regain mobility and range of motion in your muscles if they’re feeling tight or achey.

While a sports massage also uses strong pressure, it's an altogether more technical treatment than deep tissue. Practitioners are trained to target problem areas using a variety of specialist techniques, including:

what is percussive therapy


Percussive therapy devices like the Theragun and Hyperice are quickly becoming a popular addition to massage treatments, especially ones where the goal is to release tension. They work by sending up to 40 pulses a second deep into muscle tissue, reaching 60% deeper than massage alone.

Combined with hands-on massage treatment, they’re fantastic for treating stubborn tension and knots faster than massage alone. Given your recovery needs on a particular day, you can also change things up with they variety of attachments of Theragun Elite and Theragun Prime, to adjust pressure and precision. Or try a different approach with the Hyperice Sphere or Vyper roller

What really makes these a great option is that they’re not just available to pros – you can pick up your own percussive therapy device and work out tension and knots whenever you need.


If you experience muscle tightness, tension, or fatigue, a little bit of massage therapy could be just the fix your body needs.

If your muscles are aching, or you feel knots or tension in particular zones, a deep tissue massage is the way to go. The pressure used in deep tissue massage promotes blood flow to repair tissue and helps to work out knots and tension caused by repetitive motions or bad posture (hello WFH!).

Or, after intense training or exercise, treat yourself to a sports massage and reap the benefits of trigger point therapy and myofascial release to aid recovery.

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