Create Your Own Yoga Studio: Here Are The Essentials

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Calling all yogis! There’s no need to neglect your yoga sessions when you’re in the midst of self-isolating. Quite the opposite. Believe it or not, now is the opportune time to improve your practice and perfect your poses. Before you get started, it’s time to get your home studio ready and invest in some essential must-haves. Here’s what you should know.

Create Your Home Studio

Creating a magical space in your own home doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Simply choose an area in which you’d like to practice and get started. Getting the perfect yoga gear for any session means that you’ll be well-prepped and ready for anything. With that in mind, here are some of the must-have essentials for any yogis out there.

Yogi Bare Yoga Mat

First things first, let’s start with a yoga mat. The eco-sensitive offering from Yogi Bare is an excellent place to start. Focussing strongly on function and style, these yoga mats are ideal for both newcomers to yoga and full-fledged yogis alike. What’s more, each of the mats come with an ultra-grip texture, which will help you get more from your home yoga practice. Personalise your studio by choosing from a variety of colors and fresh prints.

Yogi Bare Yoga Wheel

If you’re searching for premium support during your yoga practice, you’ve found it! Made from strong ABS plastic, the Yogi Bare Yoga Wheel supports your flow from pose to pose and always has your back. Add that to the fresh, tropical palm design, and you’ve certainly got a recipe for success. No yoga studio is complete without this piece of gear.

Manduka Mat Cleaner

When you’re hitting the yoga mat hard, you need to make sure you keep it fresh and clean. There’s a wide variety of cleaners out there, but why not start with the simple, water-based mat wash spray from Manduka? Infused with Aromatic Organic essential oils, the cleaning product boasts the warm, earthy, and appealing scent of Gingergrass.

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Manduka Yoga Strap

Improve your yoga posture quickly and easily with a Manduka yoga strap. The strikingly useful piece of yoga gear is perfect for both beginners and veteran yogis. Featuring an easy-to-use buckle and the original B.K.S. Iyengar design, you can certainly trust this product to give you the support you need, when you need it the most. As though that weren’t enough, the strap is eco-friendly, so you can feel good as you work out.

Manduka Foam Block

Next up, let’s take a moment to look at the cool Manduka foam block. Made from 50% recycled EVA foam, this essential piece of yoga gear is a savvy way to elevate your practice. Offering the ultimate level of comfort and support, you can be sure that this added accessory will be a winning element in your yoga home studio. Whether you're bending or lunging, using the block for some extra stability is always the way to go.

Manta foam roller

Manta Foam Roller

Working out hard? You’ll need to unwind and relax like a pro. Iron out those knots and banish back pain with the Manta Foam Roller. This piece of gear is certain to hit all the right spots. Using a neuromuscular technique, the roller targets any areas of stiffness and relieves pain in an instant. You might say it’s a cool-down must-have!

Frame Pilates Ball

Ready to take your yoga practice to a whole new level? The Frame Pilates Gym Ball is the answer. Boasting heavy-duty material, you can rest assured that this ball will give you the comfort you need the most. If you’re hoping to add an extra layer of workout to your yoga, having one of these as a part of your home studio will make all the difference.

Get Into The Yogi Mindset

Now that you’ve got the perfect gear, it’s time to take your yoga game to the next level. When you’re practicing at home, you have to make a real effort to slip into the yogi mindset and prep for your sessions. Here are some essentials to help you along the way.

Form Nutrition Protein Powder

It’s not just about how you workout; it’s also about how you fuel yourself. Getting into the yogi mindset starts with excellent nutrition. The plant-based protein powder from Form Nutrition will help you get on track. Sumptuous flavours including Chocolate Salted Caramel and Vanilla mean that there’s something for every taste. Add these to drinks or even whip up some tasty vegan smoothies with them. The choice is yours!

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Alo Yoga Leggings

When you look good, you feel good too! Dressing for your home yoga practice will help you get in the right mental space. Why not get started with some stylish and comfortable Alo Yoga Leggings? Featuring a cool, high-waisted design and shine rib panels, these are the epitome of yogi fashion. Additionally, the four-way stretch fabric allows for the ultimate movement when you’re practicing even the most complex asanas.

Alo Yoga Bra

With moisture-wicking and breathable fabric, an Alo yoga bra is the ultimate in yoga clothing. Treating yourself to one of these beauties means that you will always have the freedom to move around with complete support. In addition, this style of bra is available in a rainbow-array of cute colours, which means you can style it to suit you. Perfect.

Pointe Studio Happy Grip Socks

Ponte Studio Happy Grip Socks

Add a burst of colour into your everyday yoga practice with the Ponte Studio Happy Grip Socks. Combining cosy, soft cotton with the sturdy PVC grip on the soles means that you will be stable and comfortable throughout your poses. The last thing you want is to be sliding around when you’re mid-session. Having some bright and vibrant socks that also boast a whole load of grip is certainly the way to go.

Terez Sweatshirt

Cosiness and comfort are key when you’re unwinding with a relaxing savasana practice. Ensuring that you’re warm and snug doesn’t have to be difficult. Bundling up in a Terez Sweatshirt complete with an adorable design will help you get in the mood to reset and recharge. Featuring 5% spandex, the top offers the perfect amount of stretch too.

Stay Home and Practice Yoga!

Ready to advance your yoga journey? Designing your own home yoga studio means you can continue your practice without needing to leave the house. Why not start with our recommendations here and create an enchanting space that you will love?