The 9 Best Free & Paid Running Apps for Beginners

Running is excellent for your body and mind. Nothing feels better than getting up early and completing an early morning run, setting your day up with a positive habit.

But did you know you can use an optimized running app to track and improve your progress? There are apps for both iPhones and Androids to help runners keep note of their running progress via a simple running app.

This is a game changer for anyone who wants to beat their last run, without guessing their times!

Whether you opt for a free running app or a paid version, there are multiple options. Keep reading to explore the apps and find the best running app for you. Get ready and go!

The Best Free Running Apps


Unsure whether a running app will suit you? Don’t worry; we’ve got all you need to know about these popular phone apps here.

Some runners like to run as and when they feel like it. Their running routine revolves around how they feel and what they want to do. While this is an effective way of exercising, it could be improved with the help of a free running app.

Running applications track real-time data to help you understand your performance. From distance and pace to elevation and heart rate, each app offers unique health metrics to understand what works best for you.

These metrics often inspire runners to keep going, even when they don’t feel like it. If you’re interested in improving your fitness or beating your personal best time, a running app might be a solution for you.

The Best Free Running Apps iOS


You don’t need to spend any money to improve your running progress! A free running app will help you go faster without spending a penny. Here are our favourite free options.


Starting a running hobby can be challenging. Though you may feel motivated and ready to get fit, taking those first steps can be difficult. But that’s where Couch to 5k comes in!

The Couch to 5k app guides beginners to their first 5k run. This NHS program inspired smartphone users to get fit without spending a fortune on classes or accessories.

It’s also a perfect app for those without running experience. Couch to 5k slowly works users up from a 15-minute run to an entire 5k route, so there’s no pressure to be perfect on the first try!


Perhaps one of the most popular running apps around, Strava is a staple for anyone who likes to track their activity. This GPS-based app allows users to track both runs and cycle routes, which is ideal for checking your progress or sharing your activity with friends.

Strava also allows users to take part in frequent challenges, share photos, and interact with other users. Try this free running app today if you want to add a social element to your workouts.

Strava Running App


Want to become the best runner you can be? Consider the runkeeper app today. ASICS developed this running software to help runners worldwide track and improve their running ability.

With detailed insights, workouts, and personal trainer guidance, this is an option for those passionate about improving their fitness.


MapMyRun from Under Armour is a staple within the running community. Available on the App Store and Google Play, Android and iPhone users can take advantage of this popular running app.

Key features on this app include smartwatch compatibility, social challenges, fitness metrics, and more. Support your friends and connect via MapMyRun today.

Running Apps For Begginers


If you’re looking for a free running app that offers running and step tracking services, Pacer might be your option. Whether you want to do an intense workout or track your steps on a relaxed walk, Pacer has modes for all intensities.

Track your life with this easy-to-use application!

6. Nike+ RUN CLUB

You may have already heard of the Nike running app. This fitness giant offers impressive sportswear, shoes, and an optimized running app. One of the key benefits of this app is that it motivates you to run often.

If you’re trying to build a new habit or improve your fitness, allow this inspiration app to get you up and moving.

How To Get In to Running


Fitness doesn’t have to be mundane. Zombies, Run! proves that running games can help you get fit while having fun. This app is based on the idea that you’re one of the last humans surviving a zombie epidemic.

Pretend you’re rescuing survivors, gathering supplies, and defending your home as you improve your health.


Want to spend a little bit of cash on a running app to take your runs to the next level? Here are the most popular paid running apps available right now.

The Best Paid Running App


With hundreds of classes, instructors, and unique music, the Peloton Digital app is here to provide a premium workout experience. There’s something for all needs, from warm-up workouts to strength training. This app offers running classes on the treadmill or outdoors.

The Peloton Outdoors section offers audio files that you listen to whilst running outside. They are instructor led runs, where the instructor will call out paces, timings, exertion levels and play the music!


Apptiv strives to guide users to a “New You” in just 30 days. With the help of Apptiv’s high-quality video and audio workouts, you can improve your fitness and health with the help of your smartphone.

Apptiv offers a free trial to users who want to try it before buying. Try this running app if you’re going to commit to a new, healthier lifestyle.

Running Shoes For Begginers


Are you ready to run? Hopefully, these running apps have inspired you to start your next workout. Make sure you try one of these options on your next run. You never know, you might beat your personal best!