Athletic Propulsion Labs: Spotted on Celebs

apl shoes celebrities

Searching for the perfect combination of luxury and performance? Well, look no further, for APL shoes can provide you with chic yet practical footwear to get you through that morning sweat class, evening run or even just a long day on your feet! Keep scrolling to learn about the brand, the technicalities and the extensive list of celebrities running around Hollywood in these kicks!

What are APL shoes?

Firstly, you may be thinking, ‘what are APL shoes?’ Athletic Propulsion Labs (APL for short) is a Los Angeles based company founded by identical twin brothers Adam and Ryan Goldston, that is now recognised on a global scale.

APL is a brand that strives to make a statement, no, seriously, their shoes were banned by the NBA for providing too much help when jumping to make that perfect slam dunk. Their innovative technology provides a power-pumped push with ample comfort and ease. This catapulted the brand into State-side popularity, and now, October 12th is known as APL Day in the city of Los Angeles as declared by the mayor. The brand's popularity grew by their clever technique of combining athletic and aesthetic, successfully creating a trainer like no other. From sock to slip on, slider to lace up, Athletic Propulsion Labs is a one stop shop for your every footwear need.

Who wears APL shoes?

So, who wears APL shoes? I believe the question is rather, who doesn't wear APL shoes? Every Kardashian and their friends are embarking on this growing trainer trend. From Khloe Kardashian to Sofia Richie, Jenna Dewan to Lucy Hale, Jennifer Garner to Lea Michele and Madison Beer to Michael Jordan - most celebrities are opting to keep their feet neat with these chic and technical kicks. Not only do these celebs break a sweat in these trainers, you can also find them hanging out in the latest brunch spots dressed head to toe in on-trend athleisure, leaving the coolest LA boutique studios and doing that ever important wardrobe update shopping!

These celebs pair their neat kicks with a variety of different looks, Madison Beer can be spotted in an Alo co-ord with her APL TechLoom Pros for a dainty, chic look, whilst Sofia Richie opts for Alo leggings and a sleek Adidas track jacket to add a more street edge. If you are looking for less yoga vibe and more high intensity, check out Kylie Jenner keeping that cardio look by matching her APLs with Under Armour leggings or Jennifer Garner pairing hers with an LNDR hoodie.

Khloe Kardashian is an avid APL supporter, you'll spot her wearing her vast range of pairs with APL and Adidas co-ords, to create the ultimate, effortless athleisure look, perfect for both gym sessions and shopping trips! You can also achieve that ‘simple super-model chic’ by taking inspiration from Kendal Jenner who graces the streets of LA and hikes up to the Hollywood sign wearing her APLs alongside capri leggings, a sports bra and a varsity jacket. With all of this outfit inspo, the question is... which look will you go for?

APL Shoes celebrities

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How to wear APL shoes?

The minimalist trainers created by APL are killing it right now, they are sleek and fashionable yet extremely technical. These trainers can be worn on or off duty, to train, to travel or to simply do life. Team your comfiest workout leggings with an oversized sweatshirt, for a cool and collected sporty vibe. Or why not pair your APLs with your favourite workout co-ord and break a glamorous sweat at the gym.

Perhaps I am not the only one who notices there seem to be many different ways to tie your trainers today… from the classic bow to a knot, from a side tuck to a laceless shoe. With APLs, you can tie them anyway you please, personally I like to go for a sturdy double bow to avoid any potential trip ups! Or if laces aren't your thing, opt for the luxe-looking Bliss style.

how to wear apl shoes

Which APL shoes should I buy?

TechLoom Bliss

The lightest APL running shoe - this slip on design is faff-free, not only can you take a run stress free with, without the fear of having that ever so elegant face plant, but this design makes it even easier to slip your kicks off and relax after an intense workout! But seriously… this design is 2 years in the making, but we can understand why. With stretch rebound TechLoom fabric, these trainers are purposefully crafted to provide optimum comfort and flexibility, helping you to elevate your work out to the next level.

TechLoom Breeze

This pair of APL trainers is the lightest running shoe they carefully create. The upper is formed of seamless TechLoom with extreme stretch rebound, the exposed eyelets secure everything in place despite movement and just to top it off… there is a traction pattern that provides a firm grip! Sturdy, supportive and stylish… anything else you would like?

TechLoom Phantom

These trainers are recognised for their impeccable performance and functionality. They're expertly engineered upper moves 4 ways with your feet, helping you to beat the bustle on the streets, weaving in and out of pedestrians, whether shopping or running! Their increased durability and well-defined look make these the perfect gift for yourself or that special runner or gym goer in your life! I know what you are thinking… a pretty spectacular selection right? Both men's and women's variations, there are colour ways that suit all. The question is, which pair will you wear?

TechLoom Pro

These APLs are not only supportive and with natural motion flex, however, they are breathable, helping to keep your feet cool and comfortable. As all APLs, they are created to maximise energy generation, encouraging you to power through those pumped workouts or making that first post festive season run much easier and chicer!

Where can I get APL shoes in London?

You may be wondering where you can buy these trainers in London, well look no further… we stock these dreams in both of our stores, find us in Kings Cross and Chelsea as well as online!

Let's be real, London is a fast paced city, so why not give your feet a break and bag yourself a pair of APL. Browse through our selection of styles from Bliss, to Phantom, to Breeze. These sneakers are sure to improve workouts, add a spring to your evening run and make that morning rush to the tube more breathable, speedier and comfier. It is about time to treat your feet.

Oh… and If you happen to be in LA, why not drop by the new Grove flagship store. The brand not only knows how to make a trainer that elevates you to different levels, but their store is something rather special, with hovering trainers and a minimalistic style, this is every insta-persons dream.