5 super relatable quotes if you're trying to live your best wellness life

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What keeps you motivated? Life can get a crazy at times. When that happens, it’s reassuring to have something which keeps you grounded when the going gets rough. Maybe it’s yoga practice or morning meditation. Some people have a dedicated pump-up playlist. You know, the one has that song that makes you feel unstoppable. Sometimes, new gym kit is all it takes to inspire. Other times, it’s nice to have words that resonate with you and are applicable whatever the situation. For example, motivational quotes for fitness have a great way of speaking to the roller coaster of experiences that is the wellness journey. Relatable quotes let us know that we’re not alone in our feelings, whether those are heavy or light. We at The Sports Edit love a good quote to keep us inspired, so we’ve made a list of some of our favourites:

stay close to people who make you feel like sunshine

1. Good people

The people we surround ourselves with have a huge impact on mood and mindset. Our relationships are just as much a part of our environment as anything tangible. So make sure the forecast is sunny not stormy. A good friend should lift you up when you’re feeling down, and celebrate your victories (no matter how small). It’s also important to make those around you feel supported too. Be a good friend, and a gym buddy. Keep your friends accountable for their exercise goals, and they'll help you reach yours. Positivity in a loop not a line.

high performance sportswear quote

2. The troubled sock

We’re no strangers to the ol’ wardrobe malfunction: The strapless bar that always needs to be adjusted – the worst. That time we wore the wrong underwear with those yoga leggings - typical. The wayward zip on our jeans – it’s got a mind of its own. The stubborn sock sliding off – of course. Too often we’ve smiled through these (un)fashionable moments, but no longer friends. We’ve got you covered (literally). With squat-proof leggings, supportive sports bras and grip socks, you can sweat in style.

sports bra quote

3. The never-ending sportswear wardrobe

Speaking of great sportswear… we’ve got a lot of it. Accumulating more sports bras than normal bras is just a right of passage on the wellness journey if you ask us. It’s easily done, too, especially if you like to switch up your exercise regime. You’ve got the low impact sports bra for yoga, the medium impact sports bras for gym work, and high impact sports bras for those running and HIIT sessions. Before you know it, it’s practically a full wardrobe on its own. Don’t worry, girl, we're in the same boat.

quote about friday and quote about food

4. For the love of food

What better motivator is there than that Friday feeling? It’s the end of the week. We’ve got the promise of afterwork drinks, weekend fun on ClassPass, and Sunday brunch. If we’re being transparent here, the only thing that could top that is food. We’re here to shatter the taboo that so often fogs the dynamic between food and wellness. Food makes all the good things about the Friday feeling even better: after work drinks are perfect for washing down dinner with friends. It’s the fuel and nutrition that boosts us to reach our fitness goals, and it’s a reward for our all our sweaty efforts. It’s impossible to choose between Sunday brunch and a Sunday roast, because the food is that good. So it’s no wonder "food" is our favourite f-word. Now who’s hungry?

don't quit your daydream quote

5. Keep day dreaming

At The Sports Edit, we are all about inspiring you to make that day dream a reality. Whether it’s your side hustle or your main stage, we believe exercise is the key to balance and perseverance. The resilience you practice during sweat sessions is the same determination that will drive you to reach your goals outside the gym. Let our high performance sportswear make you feel like the badass you are. When we feel good, we’re more motivated. So get out there, get sweaty, and make your day dreams come true.

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