3 Fruit Smoothie Recipes with WelleCo Plant Protein

Words by Charlotte Lindsay

smoothie recipes with protein powder

Smoothies are a great way to get your 5-a-day. It’s easy enough to toss a few tasty fruits and even some greens into a blitz for a nutritious and refreshing drink. But we recommend taking things up a notch by incorporating a scoop or two of WelleCo Nutrition. You can truly take your smoothie to the next level in taste and reap the health benefits of ingredients derived from clean whole foods.


WelleCo is a clean, plant based and premium supplement company created by Elle Macpherson. They have a delicious selection of supercharged products sure to leave you feeling fresh and cleansed. Whether you are after vegan protein powders, skin and beauty enhancers or your essential daily greens powder, WelleCo has you covered. Not only do the products taste delicious, they pack nutritional punch; their products are formulated with the 45 premium wholefood ingredients to ensure meaningful nourishment at a cellular level. From the moment you carefully unscrew the jar lid, the scent of their chocolate protein powder will leave you hooked!

Three of my favourite WelleCo products are the Vanilla Protein, Chocolate Protein and the famed cult-favourite, The Super Elixir. I love all of these for their nutritional and beauty benefits, but what’s also great is that they are so easy to incorporate into a daily smoothie!

welleco chocolate protein smoothie


Be Aware Fruit Naturally Has a High Sugar Content

Smoothies supplemented with protein power are a fantastic way to boost hydration, aid digestion, detoxify your body, stay fuller for longer, provide you with a healthy amount of fibre, oh and not forgetting to mention, they can give your skin that long fought after, healthy glow!

As great as that all sounds, you don’t want your smoothie to be overly sweet. We’re doing for a delightfully tasty treat that is also good for you, not dessert! If not careful, smoothies can be a bomb of sweetness due to the natural sugar content of fruit, and sugars included in some protein powders.

benefits of welleco super elixir

Add Leafy Greens to Your Smoothie

Try adding in some leafy greens to your recipe for some extra nutrition and fibre, such as: broccoli, kale, spinach or avocado. A top tip of mine when making smoothies is to ensure you always have a touch of citrus fruit. From lemons, limes, or grapefruit, adding a bit of citrus helps to add a slight zesty ‘tang’ to your smoothie and bring out great flavours in each ingredient.

One ingredient I add to so many of my smoothies is spinach. You may think, spinach in a smoothie? To which I would say, YES. In fact, spinach is a fantastic add-in to your smoothie. Not only is it an easy and light way to add some protein into your smoothie, but it is also loaded with iron and is a brilliant source of antioxidants! Chucking in a handful of spinach is a great way to make a green protein smoothie without protein powder.

Smoothies Keep You Fuller for Longer

Snacks... who doesn’t love them? Sometimes snacking can become a habit, and we all know a habit is 10 times easier to create than to break. Thanks to the high fibre content of fruit and veg based smoothies, they naturally leave you feeling fuller for longer, making you less likely to lunge for the elevenses coffee & cookie. Sounds like it is time to find a smoothie that works for you, right?

Time for some protein smoothie recipes…


chocolate peanut butter protein smoothie recipe

Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Smoothie

Serving size: serves 2


1 tbsp peanut butter

2 bananas

1 cup oat milk

1 tbsp linseeds

6 strawberries

1 handful blueberries

1 tsp maca powder

2 scoops WelleCo Chocolate Protein


Slice and dice your ingredients, add everything into your blender and blitz until you achieve your perfect smoothie consistency!

how to make a smoothie with protein powder

Sweet Berries and Cream Protein Smoothie

Serving size: serves 2


6 strawberries

1 handful blueberries

1 handful raspberries

1 cup of mango

1 lemon juice

1 banana

1 cup oat milk

2 scoops WelleCo Vanilla Protein


Slice and dice your ingredients, add everything into your blender and blitz until you achieve your perfect smoothie consistency!

best green smoothie recipe

Delicious Daily Super Greens Smoothie

Serving size: serves 2


2 apples

2 handfuls spinach

½ cup pineapple

2 kiwi

1 lime juice

1 lemon juice

1 tsp linseeds

1 cup oat milk

1-2 scoop WelleCo Super Elixir


Slice and dice your ingredients, add everything into your blender and blitz until you achieve your perfect smoothie consistency!

what is welleco nutrition


Smoothie Bowl: If you want to change things up from your average smoothie, pour it into a bowl, add a handful of your favourite granola, some fresh berries and cocoa nibs, before you know it your smoothie is now an ‘insta-worthy’ smoothie bowl.

Fruity Ice Lolly: With Summer on the horizon, get prepared and create some refreshing treats, pour your smoothie into ice-lolly molds and store in the freezer until you’re ready to enjoy one.


Adding protein mix to your smoothie is a simple way to pack your blended beverage with even more nutrients and flavour. WelleCo in particular is a great option as you can easily incorporate premium wholefood ingredients into your recipes and it’s sure to taste delicious! The only thing you’ll have to worry about is which recipe to try first.