PROlite Yoga Mat 71" 4.7mm - Midnight

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PROlite Yoga Mat 71" 4.7mm - Midnight

The Pro Lite is a lightweight, mid-size iteration of Manduka's much-loved Pro mat, offering the same elite cushioning and durability in a medium size and a lighter weight (only 1.8kg)
Personalise your practice with the mats performance grip surface, that will wear in over time and work with you. The high density material is also a must-have for those suffering from bad joints. This midnight blue mat is in fact so durable that it has a lifetime guarantee.
Yep, were going to call it… this the best yogi investment youll ever make.

Size Guide

Standard: 1.8 kg; 180 cm x 61 cm; 5 mm thick
The PROlite was designed for yogis who want the look and feel of the Manduka PRO, but prefer a lighter version. The surface, support and lifetime guarantee are all the same.

High performance in a lightweight form - lighter than the PRO, at only 1.8kg
Excellent resistance to wear and tear, and includes a Manduka Lifetime Guarantee
Closed-cell surface keeps moisture and sweat from seeping into the mat and breeding bacteria (great for hot yoga)
High-density cushioning
Fabric-like surface finish for optimal movement between poses
Proprietary dot pattern bottom to resist sliding
100% latex free

Manduka transforms non-environmentally friendly PVC into high quality, OEKO-TEX certified yoga mats. Ideal for environmentally-conscious consumers, Manduka boasts an environmentally-friendly manufacturing process (the Pro mats release zero emissions during production) and offers a lifetime guarantee on its PRO mats.

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