Veja V-10

French founders, Amazonian rubber and organic cotton; Veja V10 trainers combine impressive eco-credentials with effortless French style. They've got that je ne sais quois.

Veja V-10


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    Veja V-10

    With their thicker sole, signature V logo and pin perforation panelling, Veja’s V10 trainers have been fast-adopted by style-conscious men and women everywhere. They’re the kind of trainer that you’ll still be pulling on in five years’ time, thanks to their classic appeal and impressive durability. Plus, they’re extraordinarily comfortable, so you know when you slip on a pair of Veja V10s, you’ll be good to go all day long.


    Fair trade principles, organic materials and transparency are at the core of this impressive brand. When creating trainers, they throw out the normal manufacturing process and find their own path, using Brazilian and Peruvian organic cotton that’s been harvested with respect for people and the environment. They pay their suppliers fairly and source their wild rubber directly from communities in the Amazon forest. Launched in 2017, Veja V10 sneakers are a culmination of the brand’s efforts in social responsibility and design, with each pair made from only the best ecological and sustainable materials.

    Why we love it:

    It’s not often a trainer with impressive eco credentials also has a long list of fashion editors, celebs and bloggers lusting after it too. We think the Veja V10 extra white are a stand-out style, offering both versatility and comfort when you're running from juice bar to Pilates. A thicker sole provides more protection for navigating the city, while organic cotton and high-quality leather uppers enhance breathability and create a beautiful fit.