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    Veja Running Shoes

    Veja Running Shoes:

    From run club to marathon training, Veja running shoes are up to the challenge. Painstakingly developed over four years, Veja running shoes bring you the very best comfort, durability and performance. Each iteration of shoe is improved on using real runners’ feedback, ensuring it’s always delivering what you really want when you're out there giving it your all on the pavement, on the treadmill or off-track.


    Since its inception in 2004, this eco-conscious brand has challenged everything we thought we knew about style, sustainability and running. Disrupting the sneaker market by launching the first ever post-petroleum running shoe in 2019, its designs prove that a great running shoe needn't cost the planet. Harnessing recycled plastic bottles to create a light and breathable upper, Amazonian rubber for a grippy outsole and L-foam (latex cushioning) to create resilient shock-absorption their shoes are built for comfort, speed and style.

    Key Styles:

    The Condor was the first Veja running shoe to hit the market in 2019 and remains a top style for its secure, comfortable fit and cushioning L-foam sole. Now, the latest Condor 2 is even lighter, with a neutral ride that’s perfect for recovery sessions and long road runs. If your focus is on speed and agility, consider trying the Veja Marlin. Named after one of the ocean’s most speedy fish, the Marlin is light, dynamic and designed with multidirectional flex grooves to enhance footwork. Suitable for race day, road runs and 5Ks, the Marlin offers a neutral ride and lively toe-off.