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    Take your training and recovery to the next level with Theragun UK. With a range of elegant designs, ergonomic handles, stimulating speed and quieter-than-ever force, these percussive therapy devices work to release soreness and melt away tension.

    Therabody offers a natural and effective wellness aid, some Theragun benefits include faster warm-ups, increasing blood flow, decrease lactic acid and helping reduce soreness and stiffness. Our edit contains some of the best Theragun products for powerful results, explore the range today.

    A chiropractor living in LA, Dr Jason Wesland was experiencing debilitating muscle soreness following a motorcycle accident which had left him in severe pain, unable to sleep, eat or even shower without extreme discomfort.

    He had an instinct that he needed a high-powered tool to release the tension and after experimenting with his tools he managed to create something that finally worked. Something that would eventually transform his life and those of thousands across the world; the Theragun.

    Today, the Theragun has been featured in GQ, Forbes, Esquire, Goop and more and is credited with helping people take control of their healing journey.
    Not sure which Thergun to buy? Let us introduce each percussive therapy device so you can get your hands on your very own Therbody gun.

    If you’re looking for a portable Theragun massager device, turn to the Theragun Mini. Versatile, compact and powerful, The Mini has three speed settings, an impressive QX35 Motor with QuietForce Technology™ and is a convenient option for relieving cramps, tension and knots on the go.

    Alternatively, The Prime promises powerful pain relief in a simple, elegant design. This Theragun massager is quieter than an electric toothbrush, has an ergonomic grip, can be integrated with the brand’s smart app and has a customisable speed range.

    Or for the ultimate percussive therapy session, grab The Elite: a powerful tool that expertly dissipates tension with a QX65 Motor, QuietForce Technology™, OLED screen and force meter.

    Last but not least, the Theragun Pro is the ultimate Therabody gun with QuietForce Technology™, a rotating arm, OLED screen and much more.

    If you’re still not sure what Theragun massager to go for or wants to know the full details and difference between Theragun Prime and Elite? Then we recommend checking out our Prime vs Elite Theragun review and our in-depth review of the Theragun Elite.
    Carry out a targeted deep tissue massage using your percussive therapy device. The Therabody tool should be turned on before it touches your body so you can adjust the power setting.

    Next, float the Theragun pro or your chosen device over your muscles without applying any extra pressure. Found a knot or tight spot? Spend longer massaging the area and apply more pressure. Finally, relax and allow the Therabody device to melt away tension and revive tired muscles.