The Beauty Chef

Support your gut, boost your wellbeing and promote glowing skin from the inside out with The Beauty Chef. A line of bio-fermented, probiotic wholefood elixirs and powders, The Beauty Chef’s cutting-edge formulas support the system, because ‘beauty begins in the belly’®.

The Beauty Chef


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    The Beauty Chef

    Beautiful skin starts with a healthy gut. This is the premise of The Beauty Chef; an innovative brand that creates bio-fermented, probiotic wholefood elixirs and powders to support your gut, boost your wellbeing and promote glowing skin from the inside out.

    Organic, natural, bioavailable and bio-fermented, The Beauty Chef’s cutting-edge products are good for the body, beauty and belly. An inner beauty boost to say the least.
    Fashion stylist turned beauty writer, Carla Oates launched The Beauty Chef back in 2009. Alarmed by the number of synthetic ingredients she came across during her time writing about beauty products, Oates started exploring natural alternatives and the power of organic foods, testing acto-fermenting skin-loving superfoods and introducing protocols to her family.

    These had a profound impact on not only their skin but their overall wellbeing. It was clear: the link between the gut and skin was undeniable. Soon, Oates was formulating her own line of The Beauty Chef probiotic-rich whole food supplements and topical skin care treatments, along with the help of a leading team of microbiologists, naturopaths and nutritionists. And so, The Beauty Chef was born.

    This microbiome has a huge effect on our body, including our weight, wellbeing, mood, skin, brain health and immunity. So, when our gut is not functioning effectively, we may not be getting the nutrients we need.

    The Beauty Chef Skincare draws on the latest research to create products that support the gut and enhance the skin from within. Designed to be as efficacious as they are delicious, The Beauty Chef's body powder, The Beauty Chef collagen and all their elixirs go through a unique bio-fermentation process which supercharges the wholefood ingredients, so they're more bioavailable.

    From the Beauty Chef collagen and the Beauty Chef glow to The Beauty Chef hydration inner boost line, explore formulas that boost radiance, vitality, immunity, digestion and more. So be sure to check out the inner beauty products such as The Beauty Chef inner glow and The Beauty Chef glow kit.