Tangram Smart Rope

The smartest skipping rope on the market. Tangram Smart Ropes are sleek, stylish and loaded with tech for a smarter, more efficient workout. Forget counting your jumps and focus on your performance with these smart skipping ropes.

Tangram Smart Rope


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    Tangram Smart Rope

    Meet the smartest skipping rope on the market; Tangram Smart Rope. Smash your calorie count, improve your fitness and even compete with friends with the advanced Tangram skipping rope range.

    Unlike a normal skipping rope, the Tangram Smart Jump Rope Rookie and others in the line feature advanced tech, so it can sync to your mobile and TV, making home workouts a breeze. Explore our edit of Tangram Smart Ropes and find your ideal fit today. With adjustable lengths, weighted handles and advanced technology, it will become a must-have in your workout kit.


    Enjoy a full-body aerobic workout with Tangram. Boasting minimal yet detailed designs, its skipping ropes are not only thoughtfully crafted to match your workout gear, but feature smart technology that makes working out easier, faster and more convenient. Smart sensors continually track the skipping rope’s position, so you can focus on your workout and leave the counting to your skipping rope. Meanwhile, soft alloy ball bearings make the handles the perfect weight, making jumping smoother and more efficient. Plus, you can keep an eye on your progress by downloading the Tangram app.

    Why we love it:

    Skipping can be a killer workout. In fact, Tangram explains that a person weighing 130lbs can burn up to 30% more calories skipping than they can by swimming, running or cycling. But it’s not just the opportunity to tone up that has us impressed with the Tangram Smart Rope range. The sleek design and technological advancements will make this skipping rope a valued part of your kit. It automatically records your jump count, calorie burn, duration and goals and syncs it to the Tangram app on your phone, so you can accurately record your performance. It also allows you to challenge other Tangram Smart Rope users or see how your performance compares to the Tangram community at large.