Spiritual Gangster


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    Spiritual Gangster

    Founded by Vanessa Lee and Ian Lopatin, both business gurus and yoga teachers, Spiritual Gangster is a yoga inspired clothing line with philanthropy intertwined into its core. With modern aesthetics and an ancient inspiration, Spiritual Gangster sows good karma to the community at large with proceeds from sales invested in charities, while at a design level, Spiritual Gangster tanks, hoodies, and sweatshirts inspire and challenge with their high-vibration graphics wherever they go. The name Spiritual Gangster may seem like an unusual choice for a compassionate enterprise but bad karma is real, folks. Sometimes a gang uprising is necessary.

    Why We Love It:

    These vibration-raising pieces come in handy on a Monday morning when the alarm is set too early and the coffee just isn't strong enough. Made from luxuriously soft cottons, the range is bound to bring a smile or two, which is why we've given you plenty of options to choose from; including comfy pullovers, joggers and slogan tops, ideal for training, stretching or simply sitting on the sofa all day (we're not judging).

    Key Pieces:

    The brandÕs cropped tanks are a must-have with leggings, joggers and even jeans. Phrases such as Ôdope soul, Ôradiate positive vibesÕ and Ôeverything you can imagine is realÕ scrawl their way across the front and back of teeÕs, ensuring that little boost you need is only a glance away. For travelling to and from class, don't forget your women's Spiritual Gangsta hoodie too, the perfect throw-on for cooler evenings and early mornings.